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Wednesday, May 19

Skout’s Honor Marks the Donation of 6.5 Million Meals Delivered Through Rescue Bank

Thanks to Skout’s Honor and its loyal customers, the brand recently reached a major milestone: the funding of the delivery of 6.5 million meals to shelter pets through Rescue Bank.

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Friday, August 7

Fourth Annual National Feed a Rescue Pet Week a Huge Success!

The number of animals who will benefit from your efforts is staggering—animals like Birdie.

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Friday, July 24

National Feed a Rescue Pet Week: Help Homeless Pets Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

Rescue pets like Alice all over the country need your help. July is one of the busiest months for many shelters and rescues, and things are all the more difficult given the challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic. More animals mean more hungry bellies. If you can, help celebrate National Feed a Rescue Pet Week by making a gift. Just $25 ships 400 meals and 25 pounds of supplies—donate now to help.

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Thursday, July 16

Newborn Pup Survives Against All Odds has worked throughout the coronavirus pandemic to distribute grants to shelters in need across the country, to cover the costs of food, supplies and foster programs. One of these is Austin Pets Alive! in Texas.

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Friday, June 12

Emaciated Dog Saved from Backyard. Homeowners Claim She’s Not Theirs. 😡

Junebug was picked up by Animal Control from a backyard in the Midwest. The homeowners claimed she was not theirs, which seems quite suspect.

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Monday, May 11

Cute Kitties to Take the Edge Off

I cannot express how much the donation helped us with this. Placing so many shelter pets in foster and providing our fosters with all of their supplies can be a huge strain on the shelter. With the donations, we have been able to keep up with the needs. With that said, I am sharing some kitten photos with you!

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Wednesday, March 25

‘Supplies for Shelters’ Helps During Pandemic delivered a shipment of Supplies for Shelters to the Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan to help during pandemic.

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Friday, March 6

Rescue Dog Shot Three Times and Left for Dead

How could anyone do such a thing to man’s best friend? The special bond between humans and dogs is one of life’s greatest gifts. The fact that a person could do this to Dusty shakes us to our core.

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Friday, February 28

Tucson Cats Get More Than 8,000 Meals

Rescue Bank delivers over 8,000 cat meals for Tucson-area shelters.

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Thursday, February 27

How Weston Traded Severe Animal Neglect for Long Hikes in the Woods

Weston was starving and near death when confiscated in a severe animal neglect case. Learn how he beat the odds and now lives the life all dogs deserve.

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