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Friday, July 31

NBC Universal and Telemundo Owned Stations’ Clear The Shelters Is Back!

Each summer, shelters and rescues face an added stress on their resources from increases in puppy and kitten intakes due to spring litters. Animal welfare groups, rescues and shelters are pros at stretching their dollars to help the pets in their care. This summer, our local shelters will face a new challenge. The coronavirus pandemic is putting an extra strain on already stretched resources.

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Friday, July 24

National Feed a Rescue Pet Week: Help Homeless Pets Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

Rescue pets like Alice all over the country need your help. July is one of the busiest months for many shelters and rescues, and things are all the more difficult given the challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic. More animals mean more hungry bellies. If you can, help celebrate National Feed a Rescue Pet Week by making a gift. Just $25 ships 400 meals and 25 pounds of supplies—donate now to help.

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Tuesday, July 7

Two Pet Matches Made in Heaven partnered with Vets for Pets, Inc. to help match veterans with pets saved from unpleasant circumstances. Thanks to YOUR help, we were able to make perfect pairs.

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Wednesday, July 1

American Soldiers Reunite With Furry Best Friends From Deployment

But no soldier should ever face leaving a beloved animal behind if there is a way to get the animal back to the United States. Your donations helped dogs like Bandit and Bash reunite with their soldiers.

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Friday, June 19

Three Chimpanzees Find Safety After Harsh Neglect

Greater Good Charities partners with […]

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Tuesday, June 16

Haitian School Jumpstarting Bright Futures

Progressive Haitian Education Since its […]

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Tuesday, May 12

Gorgeous Babies Safely Born Along the Thai/Burmese Border​

Along the Thai/Burmese border, partners with Mae Tao Clinic on a number of initiatives, including safe births for both child and mother.

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Wednesday, May 6

Feeding Americans Affected by Coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a new generation of Americans from all walks of life is suffering, experiencing food insecurity for the first time. With unemployment numbers shattering all records, this could be your neighbor, your best friend, a dear relative, or even yourself visiting food pantries only to find many of them bare.

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Monday, May 4

Working With Farmers to Save American Wolves

Livestock guardian dogs are key to the farm’s ability to coexist with wildlife. While predator losses were significant in the farm’s first true commercial year, the family quickly realized the use of lethal control “didn’t jibe at all with what we were doing,” says Paul. Rather, “we were working to “heal the land, heal the soil, and participate with nature.” Today, the farm raises its own Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix guardians. The dogs help protect the flock, which is moved to fresh pasture daily in open-air, floorless chicken tractors. The farm vision includes having its operations become carbon-neutral in a few years, by offsetting the energy put into tractors and other equipment through its soil building activities.

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Thursday, April 30

After a Christmas Day House Fire, Baracka Finds a Way

“We were contacted by Robert's sister, Deborah (who lives in DC), begging us to review Baracka's application and help Robert and Baracka, as they had no other options left. Robert didn't want to have to surrender his best friend after experiencing such a traumatic event. We agreed to review the application and make a determination based on meeting Baracka and speaking with some of the groups that would be helping Robert rebuild his home. We decided if we accepted Baracka, we would have her seen by a local vet to assess her health and administer some updated vaccines prior to entering our program.

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