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Tuesday, July 7

Two Pet Matches Made in Heaven partnered with Vets for Pets, Inc. to help match veterans with pets saved from unpleasant circumstances. Thanks to YOUR help, we were able to make perfect pairs.

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Wednesday, July 1

American Soldiers Reunite With Furry Best Friends From Deployment

But no soldier should ever face leaving a beloved animal behind if there is a way to get the animal back to the United States. Your donations helped dogs like Bandit and Bash reunite with their soldiers.

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Thursday, April 30

After a Christmas Day House Fire, Baracka Finds a Way

“We were contacted by Robert's sister, Deborah (who lives in DC), begging us to review Baracka's application and help Robert and Baracka, as they had no other options left. Robert didn't want to have to surrender his best friend after experiencing such a traumatic event. We agreed to review the application and make a determination based on meeting Baracka and speaking with some of the groups that would be helping Robert rebuild his home. We decided if we accepted Baracka, we would have her seen by a local vet to assess her health and administer some updated vaccines prior to entering our program.

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Friday, March 27

Backpacks Help Tucson Veterans In Need

The Good Pack program aims to distribute backpacks with much-needed supplies to homeless veterans and their furry companions.

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Tuesday, September 10

Protecting the K9s that Protect Us supports organizations like Spike's K9 Fund to protect working dogs around the country and overseas and give them the thanks they deserve.

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Wednesday, August 14

The Rescue Story of Halo the Dog From Syria – as Told by Her Soldier

At that point, I knew that she was leaving with me, and I was not going to continue to let her stay there living in those conditions. She was very timid around people at first, as if she was expecting to be hit when approached.

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Monday, June 24

Zane & Storm Reporting for Duty

Zane and Storm are K9 Special Operations Team members on a mission to punish the enemies of decency this year. But to do that, they needed to gear up! 

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Tuesday, April 16

Pets & Vets

Pairing service dogs with our service men brings joy and comfort to veterans and the people around them.

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Monday, December 3

When You Choose to Give This Holiday Season, Give Where It Matters™

With so many nonprofits to choose from, what makes one different from the other? Which one will have the most impact on the world following your donation? It is true that not all nonprofits are created equal. When you give to, you Give Where It Matters™. What follows is a short summary of why you should choose this giving season:

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Tuesday, December 19

Perfect Last Minute Gifts for Animal Lovers

Plus, your gift instantly comes with a beautiful downloadable certificate you can present to your loved ones, showing the impact you made in their name. No shipping. No waiting. More meaning!

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