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Thursday, March 21

A Pop of Color, A New Fence, and a Lot of Happy Dogs

About 60 volunteers came out and joined Rescue Rebuild to upgrade a Tennesee shelter.

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Wednesday, February 20

Let the Dogs Stretch Their Legs!

Jersey City in December sounds like a fabulous idea, right? The good news is that the Rescue Rebuild team prepared for the worst weather possible. We bought body warmers and hand warmers, and luckily the weather was more tolerable than anticipated.

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Tuesday, January 29

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

By Kimberly Spina, Rescue Rebuild […]

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Tuesday, January 22

Calling All Cat People!

The cats are probably most excited about their new door which leads outside. With a catio attached, they can go out in their screen-in area and feel the breeze, see the sun and watch all the birds and insects flying around nearby. Since Spring 2017, the shelter has found furever homes for 16 cats. Now that they have a proper catio and cat room, their cats will become more adoption ready at a faster pace, thus increasing their adoption numbers!

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Monday, January 21

Help Keep Shelter Pets Happy With Comfort Supplies

Shelters have no budget for comfort items. YOU can help!

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Tuesday, January 15

Seniors Need Furever Homes Too

Before grabbing our paint brushes and rollers, we pressure washed the entire building, the pergola and the fence. And wow was that super gratifying…it suddenly looked brand new as the pressure washing turns it back to the wood color! We then water sealed the fence and pergola to make the wood look nicer and help keep it from greying and rotting in the future. Before it was time to get painting, we patched up the holes in the soffit which were due to previous roofing damage. This was important for not only the look appeal but also to keep out insects and birds.

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Tuesday, January 15

Ariel and Her Sisters Needed Help

Ariel needs extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation to start using her rear leg again.

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Wednesday, January 2

UPDATE! Dogs Get Their Sala Homes

As you can see from start to finish the dogs were curious...

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Tuesday, December 18

Kitten Needs Our Help to Save His Leg

Facing possible amputation, they determined that Yves deserved the chance at full mobility.

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Thursday, December 13

Sadly, Sunny D Was Hit by a Car

Sunny D was the purr-fect patient through everything.

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