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Wednesday, September 9

GreaterGood.org: Dealing with Natural Disasters in the Era of COVID

As always, GreaterGood.org (GGO) is committed to our mission to serve people, pets and the planet. The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences for communities throughout the US. Ongoing challenges include significant hardship for families who have lost jobs and endured profound economic disruption. In addition, COVID has created an unprecedented food security issue in the United States with millions of families who have never needed assistance before seeking food support. This food insecurity also affects millions of family pets.

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Thursday, October 19

Rescuing Nelly from Hurricane Irma

When disaster hits, pets and stray animals are left especially vulnerable. Some run away, frightened by the chaos. Others are unfortunately left behind as their families evacuate or head to shelters and temporary housing with a No Pets policy. Hurricane Irma sent one little black and white kitten on a harrowing journey to her new beginning.

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Wednesday, October 4

Ginger’s Journey from Shelter to Service

Ginger was one of these evacuated dogs. Before Hurricane Harvey, she was in the care of a rescue organization in the Houston area. When the storm came, her shelter flooded, and Ginger and the other dogs transported to another organization for adoption.

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Friday, September 29

Yoga Instructor Makes a Difference for Animals Affected by Harvey

When disaster hits, people look to lend a hand in whatever way they can. Kim Wands of Be One Yoga Studio had a bright new take on the crowd-funding trend.

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Thursday, September 28

A Dog Named Champ Benefits from the Generosity of Donors

Thanks to one amazing delivery driver and donors like you, Champ was saved from Hurricane Harvey and made an amazing recovery.

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Wednesday, March 9

GreaterGood.org is Saving Innocent Lives in Nepal!

GreaterGood.org is working to save the lives of equines in Nepal by supporting a shelter and rehabilitation center that works with these animals to get them the help and support the need.

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Wednesday, November 5

The Ebola Crisis is Impacting Animals: Here’s How You Can Help

GreaterGood is currently working to help halt the Ebola outbreak in many different ways. Our partners at the International Fund For Animal Welfare recently alerted us to the ways in which this deadly epidemic is impacting the lives of animals in the area.

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Thursday, October 30

A Victory in the Fight Against Ebola

While the continuous newsfeed of the disease's rapid spread is alarming, it is heartening to know that Develop Africa and GreaterGood's efforts to combat Ebola are having meaningful results.

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Monday, October 20

Our Four-Legged Friends Need Disaster Preparedness Too!

Our signature program Rescue Bank provides critical services that help animals and their families in the wake of natural disasters. We're now leading the charge to raise preparedness funds so that we can respond most efficiently in times of need.

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Saturday, September 20

Hurricane Odile Has Devastated Baja, Mexico: Here’s How to Help

Upon making landfall, Odile flooded towns and villages, leveled homes and businesses, and displaced or injured thousands of residents. We've partnered with established relief organization Aeromedicos to get much needed supplies to the populations in fishing villages and rural areas. Get involved.

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