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Wednesday, September 9

GreaterGood.org: Dealing with Natural Disasters in the Era of COVID

As always, GreaterGood.org (GGO) is committed to our mission to serve people, pets and the planet. The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences for communities throughout the US. Ongoing challenges include significant hardship for families who have lost jobs and endured profound economic disruption. In addition, COVID has created an unprecedented food security issue in the United States with millions of families who have never needed assistance before seeking food support. This food insecurity also affects millions of family pets.

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Friday, October 19

Together We Can Save a Billion Florida Honey Bees From Starvation

After Hurricane Irma hit Florida in 2017, at least 75,000 of Florida’s 600,000 bee colonies were affected. Thousands of bees died of starvation, and their colonies collapsed. We’re working to ensure a tragedy like that doesn’t happen again.

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Thursday, October 19

Rescuing Nelly from Hurricane Irma

When disaster hits, pets and stray animals are left especially vulnerable. Some run away, frightened by the chaos. Others are unfortunately left behind as their families evacuate or head to shelters and temporary housing with a No Pets policy. Hurricane Irma sent one little black and white kitten on a harrowing journey to her new beginning.

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Tuesday, February 7

Rescue Bank Delivers Pet Food to Cody’s Friends Charity

Cody’s Friends Charity is a […]

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Tuesday, March 1

90 Kids Come Together to Help Shelter Animals!

Students at Townsend Elementary work together to accomplish big things for Rescue Bank!

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Monday, February 8

One Picture Saves a Life saves Leo and Pepsi!

Can you imagine having your photo taken on one of the worst days of your life? When the only thing standing in the way of a pet being adopted is a photo, it's important to get it right. Luckily, Leo and Pepsi were at shelters that participated in our One Picture Saves a Life program...

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Monday, November 24

Rescue Bank Donations Help Save Momma Pit Bull and Her Seven Pups

Ruby was found walking down a rural road in Howard Conty, MO. She was very thin and in poor condition--and very pregnant. Thankfully, GreaterGood's Rescue Bank program was there to help.

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Monday, November 17

Rescue Bank is Saving Lives Daily: A Tail of Three Kittens

Runt, Fluff, and Rusty are three adorable examples of what access to quality food can do for rescue cats. This is how GreaterGood's Rescue Bank program saves lives every day.

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Tuesday, November 4

Investing in Saving Lives: Rescue Bank and The Story of Little Lulu

GreaterGood.org's Rescue Bank Program provides nutritious food for animal shelters around the country. Proper nourishment is a critical element in the sequence of events that leads to finding animals forever homes.

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Monday, October 20

Our Four-Legged Friends Need Disaster Preparedness Too!

Our signature program Rescue Bank provides critical services that help animals and their families in the wake of natural disasters. We're now leading the charge to raise preparedness funds so that we can respond most efficiently in times of need.

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