's Disaster Response for California Wildfires

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Wildfires have been ravaging the state of California, threatening thousands of people and animals and forcing many of them out of their homes.

From the Kincade Fire in Northern California, which has destroyed more than 75,000 acres, to the Easy Fire in Simi Valley, thousands have had to evacuate their homes leaving them and their and pets scrambling for shelter. As more fires break out throughout the state, your support ensures we can help as many victims as possible. is supporting efforts on the ground by providing veterinary supplies, sheltering supplies, and emergency grants.

How We've Helped So Far
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UPDATED 11/18/2019

Awarded $20,000 grant to Sonoma Community Animal Response Team (CART)  to help those affected by the Kincade Fire. This includes caring for large animals at fairgrounds, caring for companion animals in co-located shelters, providing vet care for animals at fairgrounds, feeding animals in the field that were safe but families evacuated, and search and rescue of animals.

Awarded $10,000 grant to World Central Kitchen to cover feeding of first responders and displaced families.

Awarded $15,000 grant to Little Angels Project (LAP) to help treat and care for small animal evacuees.

With the support of BI pharmaceuticals and our signature program RescueBank, offered LAP close to $20,000 in vaccines, parasiticides, and puppy pads. 

Awarded $5,000 to the Sacramento SPCA.

Facilitated the donation of pharmaceutical supplies to:

  • Sacramento SPCA
  • Sonoma CART
  • Sonoma County Animal Services
  • The California Veterinary Medical Association

Awarded $5,000 to The Humane Society of Ventura County

Awarded $5,000 to City of Elderly Love


Thank you for all your donations and support. We couldn’t do it without you. Please check back every day for updates on how your donations are helping those affected.