Provide a Life-Changing Gift for People, Pets, and the Planet



Holiday Gift Guide Cover

Everyone has that one person on their list who is impossible to shop for, or that person who seems like they have everything. The perfect gift for that loved one is a gift that gives hope, inspiration, and impact.

Our catalog gives you a variety of programs to choose from that help people, pets, and the planet. When you donate in the name of your loved ones, you have direct impact on the cause they care about most. Plus, you can honor them with a free customizable digital card with every donation. Imagine their delight and joy when they open your gift and see your thoughtful choice.


Help Where It’s Most Needed


Gifts That Help Pets

Help Where It's Most Needed

Support our programs that need it most—from $5

Rescue Bank

Feed shelter and rescue animals—$18 provides 200 pounds

Pets of Domestic Violence

$20 builds 2 feet of domestic violence shelter kenneling

Rebuild Escambia Shelter

Help get dogs and cats out of cages—from $5

A Shot at Life

$5 provides life-saving vaccines to 2 shelter animals in need

Animal Medical Care

Provide emergency medical care that saves lives—from $5

Shelter Dog Care Packages

Send a care package to a shelter dog—from $10

Shelter Cat Care Packages

Send a care package to a shelter cat—from $10

Cat Pawsitive

$9 trains one cat so they can find their forever home

Disaster Relief

Help rescue pet victims from natural disaster—from $25

Enrichment Toys for MWDs

Provide Comfort to Military Working Dogs—$10 sends enrichment toys

Feed Rescued Circus Lions

Help feed abused circus lions—$87 provides a week of care

Gifts That Help People

Help Where It's Most Needed

Support our programs that need it most—from $5

Fight World Hunger

Support feeding programs across the globe—from $5

Comfort for Troops

$25 sends a care package for 10 active duty troops

Disaster Relief

Help victims injured or displaced by natural disaster—from $25

A Model School in Haiti

$18.50 keeps a Haitian student in high school for a month

Egg Laying Hens

$18 gives 3 hens and a coop to one family

Keep Girls in School

Keep girls from missing school—$7 provides sanitary pads for a girl for a full year

A Safe Ride to School

Help girls get to school safely—$15 gives a month of safe rides for a girl in Afghanistan

Girls' Scholarships

$40 provides a month of schooling for a girl in need

Girls' Voices

$40 provides a month of schooling through Girls' Voices

Hope for Refugee Children

$15 helps a traumatized child from Syria heal

Safe Births to Save Lives

Save the lives of mother and child—$43 funds a safe birth

A Bundle of Books

$10 gives 10 books to a child without access to reading material

Feed Hungry Americans

$10 provides 100 warm meals to hungry Americans for the holidays

Meals for Burmese Refugees

$20 feeds a refugee schoolchild for 2 months

Provide Mammograms

Free screenings for at-risk women in need—from $25

Gifts That Help the Planet

Help Where It's Most Needed

Support our programs that need it most—from $5

Project Peril

Save Species from Extinction—from $10

Protect Vital Habitat

The best way to protect wildlife is to save critical habitat—from $5

Save the Sky Islands

Protect a Premier Biodiversity Hotspot—from $18

Project Wildcat

$7.20 protects 5 acres of land as a migratory corridor for jaguars

Adopt a Giraffe

Save the Giraffe—from $10

Adopt a Chimpanzee

Save the Chimpanzee—from $10

Adopt an Asian Elephant

Save the Asian Elephant—from $10

Make a Gift to Help Where It's Most Needed

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