Feeding Homeless Veterans

When our service men and women return from the front line, too many fall through the cracks. In spite of the promises made for their service, veterans face the uncertainty of unemployment, while waiting for critical medical and mental health services that are difficult to come by. Too often, these selfless veterans are left homeless and hungry, as they live unseen in shelters and on our streets.

Veterans in the U.S. Population

The difficulties veterans face when returning to civilian life leave them a vulnerable subsection of society. Vets are overrepresented as a group when it comes to the epidemic of homelessness in the United States – nearly 12,000 veterans are homeless today.

Veterans per Population of Homeless Adults
Veterans per U.S. Population

Working Nationally to Feed Homeless Veterans

GreaterGood.org has partnered with charities across the nation to combat a variety of issues facing our veterans today. We identify and fund groups who are doing the most good to address our veterans’ fundamental needs. A foremost issue is always hunger, so we work with organizations that host community food pantries, and those delivering door to door, to make sure our deserving veterans have easy access to food.

One prominent partner, Feed Our Vets, has provided nutritious meals to more than 20,000 veterans and their families since 2008 – that’s roughly 445,000 pounds of food distributed!

Thanks to You

Tracy is one veteran benefitting from these programs. A Kansas resident who served in the US Army Reserves and separated as a Staff Sargent E-6, Tracy served in Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield. She was awarded the National Defense Service Medal, among other citations, but even a decorated veteran like Tracy is not exempt from hunger.

When Tracy found GreaterGood.org partner Feed Our Vets, she was in crisis, going hungry while waiting for service connect benefits to come through. No longer able to feed her beloved dog, she’d been forced to make the difficult decision to give him away for his own well-being. Although she receives benefits from the government through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), these benefits total a mere $16 in Food Stamps per month. That’s nothing to live on.

Feed Our Vets provided Tracy with emergency food assistance, which kept her from having to choose between paying for rent and utilities and being able to eat. With the relief Feed Our Vets provided, Tracy was able to catch up on her bills, stabilize her situation, and even bring her loyal animal companion back into her loving home.


A note from Tracy thanking Navy Veteran and Feed Our Vets Founder, Rich Synek.

Buy Goods that Do Good

GreaterGood.org fundraises so our partner organizations can keep doing their important work, but we also have partners critical to the other side of our operations, who generously step out to raise funds on our behalf.

Military Mom Fashion offers jewelry, apparel, shoes, handbags, and more in their online store, and donates a portion of each sale to GreaterGood.org to be allocated to our partner organizations that provide meals to veterans in need. To date, they have donated over 19,000 meals to homeless veterans.

GreaterGood.com hosts sites for a variety of causes, including veterans issues. Purchases made on the site donate a percentage of the proceeds to the designated cause, and daily clicks offer a free and easy way to donate directly to GreaterGood.org, where we use the funds to distribute out in grants to our partners. With your help, we can do more good for more of our veterans in need.


Through platforms such as Military Mom Fashion and our own The Veterans Site on GreaterGood.com, your purchases can make a difference for the underserved veterans community.