Save Lives and Reduce Pet Overpopulation with Spay/Neuter

World Spay Day: On February 27th, Celebrate Pets with Life-Saving Donations


With shortages in veterinary care and steep increases in costs, many shelters and pet owners can’t access spay/neuter and vaccinations for their pets. Lack of spay/neuter can lead to pet overpopulation, increased suffering for pets, and a burden on communities.  

For a tax-deductible donation of only $30, you can provide access to spay/neuter packages, complete with surgery, vaccinations, and microchip, for pets in need. Will you donate to save the life of a pet in need?

save lives with Good Fix!

Good Fix helps control pet overpopulation in communities that need it most, all free of charge. The program also provides vaccination services to owned and community pets, educates community members on the importance of spay/neuter and provides training opportunities for local veterinarians. 

The impact is real: Greater Good Charities believes high-quality, high-volume sterilization combined with strategic trapping efforts is the most effective and humane method of dog/cat population control and lives saved per dollar.

You can help! Just $30 sterilizes a cat or dog, preventing hundreds of unwanted kittens or puppies. Your donation will support these life-saving efforts and prevent unnecessary suffering. 

Greater Good Charities has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of its funds. All expenditures made are consistent with the exempt purposes of Greater Good Charities.

Giving with confidence

Greater Good Charities has a Four-Star rating on Charity Navigator and a Platinum Seal on GuideStar for our dedication to transparency and real positive impact.

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