A Letter From Our Executive Director

Dear Friends,

As the Executive Director of a global nonprofit, people often ask me what they can do to help. My response is always, “Just do something.” If every single person carried out one small act—whether that’s giving a day of your time to volunteer, spreading awareness for issues that matter, or giving just $10 to a cause you care about—the world would be a much better place. If everyone does something, no one has to do everything.

That’s what I love about the GreaterGood community. Your dedication to help, your passion for a variety of causes, your daily actions, showcase you understand that when our whole community comes together, and everyone takes action, we can accomplish big things. This year as we celebrate 10 Years of Giving Where It Matters, I couldn’t be more humbled by and proud of the impact we’ve had, together.

YOU are the reason we’ve been here for 10 years – thank you.

We celebrate our 10th birthday on September 19th, and we invite you to join us in celebrating. Below, you will find some of the accomplishments and milestones that have been reached together over the past decade. We hope you will share this page with your friends and family on our birthday. We also encourage you to #Give10 to the cause you care most about and share with your community why you give.

We work hard to provide impactful ways to Give Where It Matters® to protect people, pets, and the planet. When you #Give10 you make a statement to the world that you are a part of a community that cares, acts, and changes the world together.

With gratitude,
Liz Baker
Executive Director, GreaterGood.org

Share Your #Give10 Story

We want to hear from you! Tell us why you are proud to be a member of the GreaterGood community. Use the hashtag #Give10 and we might share your post on our Facebook page! Here’s an example for some inspiration:

Celebrate 10 Years of Giving Where it Matters!
#Give10 to a Project You Care About.

When you make a donation to GreaterGood.org, you truly Give Where It Matters®. We pride ourselves on running and partnering with world class programs that have the most impact for the cause you care about most.

And so, to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we ask you to #Give10 to the cause you care most about. By giving $10 to help people, pets, or the planet you are making a statement that you are a part of a community that cares. When you’ve made your gift, share your impact on social media to spread the word.

#Give10 for People

$10 can ship 10 books to children in need, provide over 100 meals to homeless veterans, or feed a Burmese refugee for a full month. It can fund research dedicated to fighting breast cancer, autism, and Alzheimer's. $10 can do so much to help people around the world in need.


#Give10 for Pets

$10 can provide over 100 pounds of nutritious pet food to hungry shelter animals. It can send two care packages filled with food, bedding, vaccines, and toys to a homeless dog or cat in need. It can vaccinate 4 dogs rescued from the illegal meat trade. $10 can do so much to help animals in need.


#Give10 for the Planet

$10 It can establish 1.5 acres of protected land for the jaguar, or purchase 1 acre of threatened rainforest. It can plant 20 trees for migrating Monarch butterflies in Mexico, or 2 linear feet of carbon sequestering sea grass. $10 can do so much to help the planet.


YOU are GreaterGood: Donor Profiles

We asked to hear from you and you responded – telling us what Giving Where It Matters means to you, why you choose to be a part of the GreaterGood community, and giving us advice for the future. Click “Donor’s Corner” to read some of our favorites, and “Jaimie’s Story” to learn how one woman’s passion for pets drove her to donate her birthday to our programs.

A Timeline of Our Accomplishments Together

Scroll through our interactive timeline below to see some of our milestones over the past 10 years. Our past paves the way for an impactful future of Protecting People, Pets, and the Planet.

A Thank YOU From Some of Our Grant Recipients

A World of Good

We've done a lot together the past 10 years to protect people, pets, and the planet.

Since 2007, we are especially proud to say that we have:

Given scholarships to over 260 girls in 10 countries to attend school through our GROW program

downward arrow

Vaccinated over 150,000 shelter animals against infectious disease through A Shot at Life

downward arrow

Educated over 400 students about conservation and collected over 14,000 plant and animal records with Madrean Discovery Expeditions

downward arrow

Purchased 2 buses and given over 300,000 safe rides to school for girls in Afghanistan through our Safe Ride program

downward arrow

Permanently protected over 1,175,000 acres of rainforest land for conservation

downward arrow

Funded over 16,000 mammograms to low-income, high-risk women in need

downward arrow

Delivered over 200 million meals to hungry animals with Rescue Bank

downward arrow

Provided over 500,000,000 meals to hungry people around the globe

downward arrow

Established a 31,000 acre wildlife corridor for jaguars with Project Wildcat

downward arrow

Renovated over 100 animal shelters with Rescue Rebuild

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...and MUCH more!

Thank you for 10 Years of Giving Where It Matters!