'Bee' a hero and feed a hive of honeybees

When Hurricane Ian struck Florida this past September, it left an ecological disaster in its wake. Winds at 155 mph ripped trees, bushes and flowers from their roots, destroying beehives and wiping out their food supply. Bees are responsible for pollinating 80% of the world’s food crops and are critical to our survival. If we don’t act fast, our own food supply will be in danger, too.

This GivingTuesday, Greater Good Charities has begun to deliver tanker trucks of sugar syrup and pollen substitutes to ensure the survival of these bees as they work to rebuild their colonies. We can’t save the bees without YOUR help. Just $30 can feed an entire hive for 4 months. Donate NOW to “bee” a hero for our planet.

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help preserve species like the honeybee to protect our planet's future

This GivingTuesday you can help preserve species like the honeybee to protect our planet's future. These tiny bees do much more for our agriculture than just producing honey! Losing these colonies would permanently wreak havoc on our country's food supply. As bees interact with plants and spread pollen, they fertilize plant life across the country, which in turn feeds our families and communities. Losing their pollination would permanently wreak havoc on our country’s food supply.

Thanks to our amazing community of donors, we provided 508,800 pounds of sugar syrup and 96,900 pounds of bee pollen to hardworking Florida beekeepers and the hives they care for. But this crisis is ongoing and just one example of why the planet needs your help more than ever. This GivingTuesday, you can ‘bee’ a hero for the planet. Donate four months of meals to a hive in need for just $30!

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