's Disaster Response for Hurricane Florence

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Help People and Pets Affected by Hurricane Florence Now

How We've Helped So Far (Check this page often for daily updates)

UPDATED: 1/15/19

Sent 5,000 meals of Halo cat food to Charleston Animal Society in Charleston, SC.

Sent 22,000 meals of Halo dog food to Tulsa Humane Society in Tulsa, OK. They were deployed to the Carolinas during the storm and have taken their rig back with displaced pets.

Charleston Animal Society in Charleston, SC and St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey (who have taken in hundreds of displaced animals from the hurricane) will be receiving supplies to clean animals. The supplies are 5 cases of Tea Tree Shampoo, 2 cases of Waterless Foam Shampoo, 2 cases of Tearless Puppy Kitten Shampoo, 3 cases of Body & Paw Wipes, 3 cases of Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse, 3 cases of grooming brushes and 25 flea combs.

1,000 shirts are going to Restore Global in Charlotte, NC for our human relief efforts.

Sent one full pallet of litter and 100 enrichment toys to Fayetteville Animal Protection Society in North Carolina.

Sent one and a half pallets of litter and 100 enrichment toys to SPCA of Wake County in North Carolina.

Sent 100 enrichment toys and 16 pallets of dog food to Charleston Animal Society in South Carolina.

Sent 100 enrichment toys to Greenville Animal Services in South Carolina.

Sent 100 enrichment toys to Petred, Inc. in North Carolina.

Sent half a tractor-trailer full of pet food to Brandywine Valley SPCA.

Shipped 250 KONG balls each to Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County and Brandywine Valley SPCA. Both shelters are receiving animals transported from areas affected by the storm.

Awarded thousands of vaccines to Chapman’s Dachshund Rescue in York County, SC, after a fire caused them to lose their shelter building.

Shipped five pallets of mixed pet products (including leashes, collars, bowls, and more). These supplies will help hurricane victims in WV and VA.

In partnership with Halo, we are sending 5,000 meals of cat and kitten food to Wake County SPCA.

Shipped 15 pallets of human apparel and supplies to Restore Global in Charlotte, NC.

28 pallets of pet crates are going to Florence County Emergency Management in South Carolina.

HALO pet food donated 20,000 meals on behalf of HSUS, Freekibble and to six receiving shelters transporting animals away from the storm.

One truck of Blue Buffalo pet food is going to Louisville, TN, and one Blue Buffalo truck is going to Rescue Bank affiliate in Charlotte, NC. This makes six total trucks of pet food sent for disaster response thus far.

Nine full and three partial pallets of Fresh Step litter to be shipped from our Kansas City Rescue Bank affiliate warehouse when needed.

Assisting Greenville County Animal Care with crates needed as they are a hub for relief in South Carolina.

We are partnering with Elanco to bring two 53’ trailers on Tuesday to the most affected areas to vaccinate at least 100,000 cats and 150,000 dogs.

Four semi trucks of dog and cat food and other supplies shipped for pre-positioning. More info below:

27 pallets of dog and cat food shipped to Louisville, Tennessee, for pre-positioning to be sent to animal shelters and rescues housing pets displaced by the storm once first responders are allowed into affected areas.

20 pallets of dog and cat food and 48 wire crates for pets displaced by the storm shipped to Effingham, South Carolina. The food and crates will go to South Carolina’s Emergency Management Team.

750 crates for pets displaced by the storm shipped to the North Carolina State Animal & Agriculture Response Teams for emergency sheltering across the state.

200 crates for pets displaced by the storm shipped to Florence County, South Carolina. These crates will go to their emergency shelter and local counties in need.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control, SPCA of Wake County, and Greenville Animal Care, SC, were each awarded 500 of each of these vaccinations: rabies (cat and dog), FVRCP, DHLP, and flea and tick and heartworm preventative. These shelters will serve as hubs for veterinary supplies.

$2,000 grant to Restore Global. Funds will go to rent a forklift so they can more easily distribute supplies to those affected by the storm from their warehouse in Charlotte, NC.

$10,000 Chews Harnett County Animal Shelter. Funding will go to shelter damage repairs and veterinary care due to increased intake from the storm.

$10,000 Guilford County Animal Services. Funding deliveries of animal care supplies to counties, care and feeding of displaced pets and emergency sheltering costs.

$5,000 Brandywine Valley SPCA – Veterinary, care and feeding and boarding funding for pets transferred from shelters affected by Hurricane Florence.

First a hurricane, then a tropical storm, and finally a post-tropical cyclone, Florence devastated the southeast coast.

Hurricane Florence made landfall on Friday, September 14 and pummeled the southeast coast with over 35 inches of rain. The rainfall since Florence arrived totals over 8 trillion gallons so far. The storm has already taken the lives of at least 42 people in the Carolinas and Virginia. Thousands of people and pets are still recovering from the flood damage that Hurricane Florence unleashed. Full recovery will take some time, and GreaterGood is determined to help along the way.

Because of your donations, we sent food, medical supplies, and cash to help those affected by the storm, but there is still so much work left to do. Our response is vital to ensure the safety and recovery of the pets and people on the ground. Your support makes it possible.

100% of your tax-deductible donation goes to pets and people who are affected by Florence, and we will keep you updated on the progress of your efforts.