WHAT WE'VE DONE SO FAR (Check back daily for updates):

UPDATED: October 12, 2017

$10,000 grant to Remote Area Medical (RAM): RAM is working with FedEx, Lufthansa, and Western Aviation FBO. RAM delivered three trucks of disaster relief supplies to FedEx in Memphis, TN. RAM collected and stored 72 pallets of supplies—totaling more than 63,000 pounds—to send to Puerto Rico. The supplies included: 26 pallets of bottled water; fifteen pallets of diapers; ten pallets of hygiene items; eight pallets of dog food; six pallets of cleaning supplies; four pallets of paper towels; two pallets of medical supplies; and one pallet of rubber boots. FedEx then flew the supplies free-of-charge to Aguadilla Airport in Puerto Rico where Lufthansa stored the supplies. RAM is currently working with Western Aviation FBO and RAM volunteers in Puerto Rico to deliver the supplies to the greater Añasco area in western Puerto Rico. Funding will also be used from Dec 5 to 21, 2017 to provide four clinics in Puerto Rico for people and pets. Clinics will provide care for 3,000 to 4,000 people as well as vaccines and spay/neuter vouchers for companion animals.

$10,000 grant to All Hands Volunteers: Funds will support All Hands Volunteers recovery work on USVI to clean up and rebuild homes and schools. They are also clearing paths to springs due to wells ruined by the storm.

We are working with Veterinarians for Puerto Rico to get supplies and volunteer vet services where they are most needed.

With communication struggles, we are getting messages from Culebra to the main island to coordinate pet food shipments. Over 1,000 pounds of cat food and over 200 pounds of dog food is being held to send to Friends of Culebra Animals as soon as the storage locker is open and accessible.

Defensa Animal de Rincon will be picking up food from the Ft. Lauderdale Rescue Bank affiliate. This food will then transport to Puerto Rico on a plane Tuesday being dispatched to evacuate several people back to the U.S. They will fill two seats on the plane with about 500 lbs. of dry dog and cat food.

Rescue Bank sent 798 pounds of food via helicopter to Second Chance Animal Rescue in Villalba, PR in coordination with HSUS/HSI. The area is unreachable by truck, so airlifting food in is the only way to get it to the pets. Rescue Bank coordinated and funded food being transported from the current warehouse to the airport to meet the helicopter.

All Sato Rescue in Puerto Rico took a direct hit from Irma and then was devastated by Maria. They are desperate for food. Rescue Bank allocated 798 pounds of dog food to them.

16,200 highly nutritious non-perishable meals are on their way to Florida and then to Puerto Rico.

$3,000 grant for St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center: St. Hubert’s will be receiving hundreds of pets from Puerto Rico. We are sending them collars, leads, and puppy pads from Westminster Pet, as well as 180 PetSmart Charities Great Choice® Wire Dog Crates. They will need vaccines and other veterinary supplies to ensure these pets remain healthy. Elanco is sending 2,400 doses of Interceptor. We are working on sending other veterinary supplies. The cash grant will be used to purchase a refrigerator, adding the necessary capacity to store the vaccines and supplies needed to care for the animals.

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