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UPDATED: September 29, 2017

Pet Project for Pets in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida was awarded a $5,000 grant to repair damage to their building. Their warehouse and building got hit hard. Huge tree limbs, branches and a few trees themselves landed on the roof and side of building. Their fence was destroyed in two places (total of 18 feet to replace), one of their HVAC units on the roof was destroyed, and the entire gutters on the back of the building were ripped off. In addition, the roof leaked in the warehouse area and destroyed 9 pallets of pet food. This grant will address those needs. Pet Project is our Rescue Bank affiliate warehouse in Florida and is a critical partner is meeting the food and supplies needs of animal groups in the area. 

Rescue Bank is continuing to provide food to groups in Florida. Our Ft. Lauderdale affiliate continues to distribute food on a daily basis for disaster to numerous groups who have taken in animals. See pictures here

FEMA is partnering with Rescue Bank to provide pet food to more than 200,000 animals affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the wind and flood-torn Caribbean. Rescue Bank donors are stepping forward with commitments to prepare 3.5 million meals to be sent to meet the island needs; Rescue Bank is mobilizing to plan the logistics and deliver the pet food as rapidly as possible.

Following Hurricane Maria, the islands of St. Croix, St. John, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are facing the possibility of months without electricity. Without sources of power for refrigeration, the island veterinary offices and shelters cannot maintain their stocks of veterinary supplies to treat the island’s animals. Rescue Bank is delivering both gas-powered generators and compact refrigerators to the islands to store the much-needed veterinary supplies and maintain the health of the domestic animal population until power returns.

Rescue Bank sent 299 crates to First Coast No More Homeless Pets in Jacksonville, FL. These will be used in conjunction with partners Best Friends Animal Society, Hillsborough County Animal Services and Jacksonville Humane Society, to transport shelter pets out of affected areas so that stray and displaced pets have a place to go.

$10,000 grant to Humane Society of Greater Miami. This grant will cover lost income from adoptions since they evacuated their pets and for financial loss due to the temporary closing of their clinic. They are only now starting to get back to some sense of normalcy as the storm left plenty of damage to their facilities in its wake. Parts of the main shelter, including the administrative offices, were without air conditioning for all of last week. The storm left them dealing with roof damage and leaks. They are also in desperate need of a new air conditioning system, among many other critical needs.

Three pallets (2,800 pounds) of dog and cat food were sent via Coast Guard to St. John Animal Care from Puerto Rico. Allocations were sent to the remaining eight groups in Puerto Rico to schedule and pick up their food. This will help well over 1,000 dogs and several hundred cats. We still have five pallets set aside for FEMA. Remaining groups helped:

Santuario el Faro de los Animales
Animal rescue and protection services
Albergue de Animales Villa Michelle
Centro de Control de Animales de Carolina
Centro do Control de Animales Capitan Correa
Humane Society of PR
Vieques Humane Society
Santuario Canita

One pallet (798 pounds) of dog food allocated to Our Big Fat Caribbean Rescue (OBFCR) in Vieques, Puerto Rico. OBFCR is a foster based rescue organization in Vieques with a focus on spay/neuter, education and re-homing. Irma has stretched their community’s meager finances to the breaking point, and now the arrival of Hurricane Maria may utterly devastate these families. OBFCR is receiving a countless number of calls to take dogs into their care simply because families can no longer feed them. If they can provide food and encouragement, they hope that these dogs will not find themselves on the street foraging.

5-6 pallets of Nulo dry cat food was sent to Pet Project for Pets in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Pet Project is the Florida Rescue Bank affiliate. They sustained damage to their building as well as lost power but continued to hold food distributions so that groups needing food would not have to wait.

Caloosa Humane Society, a new overflow organization for Rescue Bank, recently received their first truck of pet food. They were able to give 22 pallets of this food to Hillsborough County Animal Services, who are directly responding to the disaster by taking in animals from three other counties, plus their own. With so many animals in their care, they were quickly running out of food. This Rescue Bank donation came just in time.

$10,000 grant to Humane Society of Broward County: Humane Society Of Broward County is our veterinary supply hub for western Florida. They operated the only pet-friendly shelter before, during and after Hurricane Irma. During the 11th hour, the government did open two additional shelters allowing pets, since the school where Broward County Humane Society set up shop was above capacity with 300 pets. Funds will be used to replace supplies used from the shelter at this evacuation center.

Rescue Bank packaged several hundred Kong™ toys and other dog enrichment items for delivery to both the Houston Humane Society and the Florida State Animal Response Coalition (SARC). Many animals recovered after major disasters are used to an enriching family environment, so the donated toys provide the dogs with a distraction to reduce stress and promote better health until they are recovered by their families or adopted.

Rescue Bank facilitated the transport of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) team from San Juan to St. Thomas and St. John by donated private aircraft. The team is contracted by the chief veterinary officer at the U.S. Virgin Islands, Department of Agriculture and is tasked with identifying critical supplies and finding suitable local storage for relief supplies that ships.

Rescue Bank received a donation offer of 90,000 pounds of cat food, which is enough to provide 500,000 meals to animals in need. We are sending the food to the South Carolina ASPCA, Florida SARC, and regional Rescue Bank affiliates for community distribution.

Wahl is direct shipping 1,180 bottles of dog and cat shampoo to areas hit hard by Hurricane Irma. The recipients are Alachua Humane Society and ASPCA (SC location). Both organizations are hubs helping other organizations, and thousands of animals affected by the storm.

Rescue Bank arranged for an air shipment of 25 pallets of pet food to Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Rescue Bank sent four truckloads of pet food to ASPCA locations in South Carolina and Florida. The ASPCA will use the food for shelter operations and community outreach programs.

Rescue Bank sent 150 XXL dog crates to ASPCA working in South Carolina. ASPCA has been a partner in transporting animals out of disaster affected areas. Transporting animals already in the shelter system frees up valuable space for animals coming in as a result of Hurricane Irma.

In Puerto Rico today Colitas Sonrientes picked up four bags of cat food and 130 bags of dog food. We are waiting on remaining groups to send us their census, and then we will allocate the remaining food. We are planning to allocate five pallets of dog food to FEMA, and send one pallet of dog food to St. John Animal Care, who opened their last bag of pet food this morning. We are arranging air freight to St. John from Puerto Rico now, as shipping by water has been challenging with the devastation on the island. Additional food is on the way to St. John Animal Care; this is an emergency shipment to hold them over until other supplies arrive.

Rescue Bank sent 50 pallets of pet food to help four groups in Puerto Rico. The food arrived right as Hurricane Irma was hitting the island. These groups graciously agreed only to pick up half of their allocated amount and share the remaining half with other groups. FEMA has also requested access to this food for shipping to USVI. These three groups have picked up food:

Save a Gato – 50 bags of cat food, two bags of dog food
Friends of Culebra Animals – 50 bags of cat food, 10 bags of dog food
Love Puerto Rico Golden Retriever Rescue – 130 bags of dog food
UPDATE (9/14/17) – Allocation of the remaining food is complete. This will help another eight organizations on the island, in additional to the three that already picked up their food. One group alone, Santuario Canita, is caring for 800 dogs.

We are sending two trucks to Florida:
First truck to Kissimmee, FL, to the Florida State Animal Resource Coalition. They will receive 35 pallets of dog food, cat food, and kitty litter.
Second truck to Alachua County Humane Society. They will receive three pallets of pet beds and three pallets of pet food.

We are sending 28 pallets of wire dog kennels and three pallets of dog beds to Atlanta Humane Society in Georgia.

U.S. Virgin Islands – Island of St. John
Society of St. John Animal Care (SJAC) is receiving two shipments of supplies: The first shipment is an emergency air drop of 10 pallets of dog, cat, kitty litter, and a generator. The generator is for SJAC to use their fridge for vaccines, their water pump, and their water filtration system, so they have a way to get their animals water and keep them clean. The second shipment is a shipping container of 28 pallets containing dog food, cat food, and kitty litter.

We are actively supporting the emergency transport of adoptable pets out of shelters. We are only transporting adoptable pets already in shelters out of the affected zone in order to make room for pets displaced by the storm in hopes of reuniting them with their humans.

We are pre-staging the distribution of disaster supplies up the East Coast.

We are awarding supplies and support to partners who are working with us to receive adoptable pets. Most of these pets are moving to New Jersey or further north, with the hub set up in St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey. We are flying these animals out with our partner, Wings of Rescue.

We are communicating with partners in Puerto Rico and have shipped pet food to a warehouse there for rescue groups to pick up.

We are reaching out to shelter partners along the projected storm path to assess their needs.

We are working with the University of Florida to disseminate veterinary supplies in the affected zone.



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