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Love & Bananas: An Elephant Story, now available on iTunes, is a documentary about the daring mission to rescue Noi Na, a 71-year-old, partially blind Asian elephant.

More than just exposing the plight of Asian elephants, the film focuses on hope and brings to light the people who work tirelessly to save these gentle giants.

Watch the video below, and complete the steps that follow. If you complete all the steps, GreaterGood will fund the protection of 21.8 square feet of vital wildlife habitat.


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Plai Kham from a life of abuse…

1 Watch the video

2 True or False: Riding elephants is an important tourist activity that benefits elephants.

3 Rescue Plai Kham from a life of abuse

In Love & Bananas: An Elephant Story, Lek Chailert and Ashley Bell led efforts to save Noi Na from a life of captivity. Generous donors like you were inspired by their mission and took action – working together, Lek, Ashley, and GreaterGood were able to secure freedom for another elephant named Fah Mui.

Today, there’s a rare chance to rescue another elephant: Plai Kham.

Love & Bananas

Plai Kham has spent most of his entire life working ceaselessly in the tourism and logging industries. When not wrapped in chains, dragging heavy logs through the forest, he’s saddled with tourists.

Please consider taking one more step today so that we can rescue Plai Kham, and providing him with the rest he deserves and a home where he can roam freely.

The key to saving the Asian Elephant is education! A portion of all digital purchases will be donated to the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary to rescue and protect Asian Elephants. So just by watching the film, you’re helping elephants!

You can watch Love & Bananas worldwide exclusively on iTunes.

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