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Love & Bananas

Love & Bananas: An Elephant Story, in theaters this Earth Day, is a documentary about the daring mission to rescue Noi Na, a 71-year-old, partially blind Asian elephant.

More than just exposing the plight of Asian elephants, the film focuses on hope and brings to light the people who work tirelessly to save these gentle giants.

Watch the trailer for Love & Bananas below, and complete the steps that follow. If you complete all the steps, GreaterGood will fund the protection of 21.8 square feet of vital wildlife habitat.


the Love & Bananas trailer…


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Sivilai from a cruel life in service…

1 Watch the Love & Bananas trailer

2 True or False: to rescue Noi Na, a team of rescuers embarked on a daring journey that spanned 48 hours and 500 miles.

3 Save Sivilai from a cruel life in service

Lek and Ashley were able to save Noi Na from a life of captivity, but thousands of elephants need our help – elephants just like Sivilai.

Love & Bananas

Her name is Sivilai.

It means “the beautiful girl”, and Sivilai is young, but she looks old from a lifetime of abuse. She has broken legs but is still forced to breed, and to work. Her current owner says she is ready now, again, to become pregnant.

Sivilai is a service elephant, one of thousands of Asian elephants broken for service in logging and trekking; malnourished, and without adequate medical care. She needs our help.

A team of elephant rescuers, led by world-renowned Asian elephant conservationist Lek Chailert, is ready to rescue Sivilai and bring her to freedom.

Please help us reach our $40,000 goal so that Sivilai can be rescued.

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