It's Mother's Day!

No matter what type of mom you have, you can celebrate her love by giving her a Gift That Gives MoreTM. Support a cause she loves in her name!

A Gift That is Special and Unique, Just Like Your Mother

Your mom is special and unique, and she deserves something special and unique for Mother’s Day. Gifts That Give More™ give you that opportunity—the chance to bypass the flowers and chocolate and give her a present with meaning. Imagine her joy when she opens a beautiful certificate letting her know you supported a cause she cares about in her name.

No matter what cause she loves, we have gifts for every type of mom. This year we are celebrating some of the types of moms we find to be super inspiring and we’re providing you with one-stop shopping to find the perfect gift for the cause-driven mom in your life. Does your mom fit any of the profiles below? If so, we guarantee she’ll be delighted by our suggested gifts!

Upon purchasing your Gift That Gives More™, a downloadable certificate will be sent to your email that can be printed and presented to your mom on Mother’s Day! It’s a gift she will cherish and won’t soon forget.

The "Animal Lover" Mom

This mom has never met an animal she didn’t like, especially a rescue. Her pets outnumber her children, and her children’s pets outnumber her own! When she began volunteering at the local rescue, she didn’t need to provide any background info, as the entire staff know her by name. She feels no matter how much love she dotes on rescue animals, it will never equal the amount of unconditional love they have for her, and in turn, this makes her more determined to save all of them!

What to get her: Gifts That Give MoreTM from The Animal Rescue Site! For just $9 you can provide 100 pounds of pet food to hungry shelter animals in need, or for $10 you can help rebuild an animal shelter in need of renovations—all in your mom’s name!

The "Book Worm" Mom

She has read every book at the local library (twice) and from every library within three counties. Her love of learning is a lifelong affair. To her, a wild Friday night is relaxing with a page-turner with a fast moving plot and multiple storylines. She is passionate about endless things and is smitten over the fact that nearly all of these things can be found in books.

What to get her: Gifts That Give MoreTM from The Literacy Site!For $10 you can provide 10 books in her name to underserved children through our Bundle of Books program. Or, you could provide a scholarship in her name for a girl to attend school in a developing country for a whole week.

"Proud American"/Military Mom

Proud American/Military mom takes care of our men and women in uniform. This mom bleeds Red, White, and Blue. She can’t stand the thought of a veteran not being taken care of or an active duty soldier being denied proper support. When it comes to military/veteran causes, her colors don’t run. She is in the trenches making sure we take care of our heroes.

What to get her: Gifts That Give MoreTM from The Veterans Site! For just $12.50, you can help care for a veteran’s service dog. Or, for as little as $5, you can help feed homeless veterans in your mom’s name

"Survivor" Mom

This mom is tougher than rocks. When life dealt her adversity with a breast cancer diagnosis, she stared it in the face with grace and strength and beat the disease to a pulp. Now, as a survivor, she champions breast cancer issues, and is always ready to help a woman whose shoes were once hers.

What to get her: Gifts That Give MoreTM from The Breast Cancer Site! You can provide mammograms to low-income at risk women in your mother’s name, or support research critical to finding a cure—both for as low as $10

"Tree Hugger" Mom

The Tree Hugger Mom cannot believe what is happening to Mother Earth. She may be angry over injustices happening in the environment, but she doesn’t allow this, or anything, to stand in the way of her unyielding optimism. She is the woman in front of you at the grocery store with an infectious positivity and enough reusable bags to go around. She is doing her part, and then some, to save Mother Earth and all of her guests. (And she’s hugged a tree of two, which we think is completely awesome!)

What to get her: Gifts That Give MoreTM from The Rainforest Site!
You can save 5 acres of jaguar habitat for just $7.20 in your mom’s name, or permanently protect an acre of land in Argentina for just $10.

Didn't find YOUR mom on this list?

Don't worry! With over 400 individual Gifts That Give MoreTM supporting different causes all over the world, you're sure to find something your mom will love.