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It's National Feed a Rescue Pet Week!
We did it! The results are IN for National Feed a Rescue Pet Week! Thanks to our incredible donors and our partner The Animal Rescue Site, we beat our goal and raised enough to deliver more than 3 MILLION MEALS to pets in need. Our sponsors in this effort, Zesty Paws® and Solid Gold®, pet brands within H&H Group and supported by the H&H Foundation, pledged to generously match every donation up to 3 million meals. That means, with your help, we will provide more than 6 million meals to shelter pets!
Meet Gidget. Gidget was chained up outside her whole life, living in dirt, mud and a grimy shack. In her three years of life, she was never once taken off the heavy chain or able to run and play. When her owners decided to surrender Gidget during a cold winter, her rescuers could not get her chain off. They ended up having to take the chain with her because it was embedded into her neck.

When Gidget arrived at the shelter, she was emaciated, anemic, suffering from roundworms and whipworms, and had a bad infection in her mouth. She was also heart worm positive and had fluid in her abdomen that might have been indicative of heart damage from the heart worms. While she received treatment for her various medical issues, Gidget was able to return to a healthy weight thanks to the high-quality, healthy food her shelter received through the GOODS program. 
In honor of the 7th annual National Feed a Rescue Pet Week, the Greater Good Charities’ GOODS Program celebrates the resilience of shelter pets like Gidget! We are calling on our community of pet lovers to donate up to 3 million meals to rescue pets across the country! Your tax-deductible gift of just $25 ships 500 meals to rescue pets in need! Thanks to H&H Foundation, if we hit our goal this will provide up to 6 million meals to help shelter pets.
We need YOUR help to deliver up to 6 million meals to shelters!

Shelters everywhere are struggling to provide for the many pets in need of help and care. While an average of 6.5 million animals enter shelters each year, only 3.2 million are adopted, meaning there are more and more bellies to fill each year. Unfortunately, pet meals are already one of the most significant expenses for shelters and rescue groups year-round.

Providing pet meals to animal welfare organizations in need allows these organizations to allocate funds elsewhere like medical care and treatment, vaccines, adoption programs, etc. Which makes a huge impact for rescue pets all over the country — pets like Gidget. Just $25 ships 500 meals—donate now to help.

How Your Help Can Change a Life
One of the biggest expenses for shelters and rescue groups is feeding animals in their care. For many rescues, after food costs, they have little or nothing left in their budget for medical treatment, vaccines, or other adoption programs. That's where the Greater Good Charities’ GOODS Program comes in — we ship donated food to rescue groups around the country to make sure their animals are fed, and that they have extra money in their budget to help dogs and cats in desperate need.

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Giving with confidence

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