Pet Transport Saves Lives: Second Chance Movement!
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On October 24th, Greater Good Charities and iHeartDogs are partnering to fly cats and dogs from high intake regions to shelters and rescues that have the capacity to care for them until they find forever homes! With your donation, you can support air and ground transports.

Each flight we organize brings dozens of pets the opportunity to be adopted by a loving family, which would not be possible if they were left in over-populated shelters. Donate today to save lives and give these pets a second chance!

help give shelter pets like Roa a Second Chance and a ride to rescue!

Roa is one of the many dogs flying from Louisiana to Wisconsin on October 24th. She was found when Animal Control got a call from a police officer claiming a dog had gotten in his car. When Animal Control arrived on the scene, they found Roa, calmly sitting in the back of the patrol car. It turned out that the happy white bulldog mix had wandered into a local laundromat, wanting attention and pets from everyone. A police officer was called to remove her. She happily followed the officer all the way to his car before jumping right inside! Roa has been a joy to have at the shelter, but now she’s ready to find a forever home full of love.

Thanks to our partnership with iHeartDogs, we are able to give pets like Roa a second chance by flying them to shelters with enough room to care for them while they wait for adoption day!

These lucky pets are not only being given a second chance thanks to these flights, but they also leave behind open kennel spaces which can then be used to save incoming animals who otherwise might not have a chance. This flight program does double the work to give as many pets as possible a second chance at adoption and finding their fur-ever homes! 

You can help give pets like Roa get second chances they deserve. Give now to support our upcoming flights!

Giving with confidence

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