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Ukraine Dam Destroyed: Help Flood Victims Now

CURRENT RESPONSE: Help Send Aid to People & Pet Victims of Nova Kakhovka Dam Collapse in Ukraine

Greater Good Charities is on the ground responding to the devastating flooding in Ukraine in the wake of the destruction of the dam. In addition to delivering food boxes and blankets to crisis centers in the Kherson region for evacuees, we are actively working to provide clean water to 15,000 people in need, along with displaced pets in the region, via fifty-six (56) 1,000-liter water tanks. At a time like this, clean water can be lifesaving. This dam breach has upended the lives of thousands of people and created an environmental catastrophe that will have generational consequences, affecting farmland, water supplies, and animal populations. The road to recovery will be long, but Greater Good Charities stands to help victims of this tragic disaster. 

Help Ukrainians Affected By Deadly Dam Breach

On the morning of June 6th, the Nova Kakhovka dam in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson collapsed, leaving tens of thousands of people and pets threatened by rising flood waters and diminishing drinking supplies. The surrounding regions are now under a state of emergency. Over 75 towns and villages have been flooded and the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant – the largest in Europe – is running low on water to cool its turbines. Thousands of people have already been forced to evacuate, leaving their safe havens behind. 

According to experts, this disaster will have long term consequences for the environment that could affect generations of Ukrainians. The dam reservoir carried chemicals and pesticides from agricultural and industrial regions. Now, with little hope of restoring the dam in sight while the war rages on, these toxins have the potential to harm countless people and animals for years to come. 

Ukrainian people and pets need you NOW in the wake of this disaster. Will you stand with Ukrainians today by supporting them in their time of need? Just $20 can provide one person with 4 months' worth of clean drinking water. Please donate today. 

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