Keep Ukrainian Shelter Pets Warm

When Russia invaded Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians were forced to make an impossible decision - to flee immediately and leave their beloved pet behind, or stay and face imminent danger for themselves and their pet. While many fled without their pets, many brave Ukrainians remained and now care for the pets left behind. Pets are now receiving care and protection from local residents in makeshift animal shelters across the country, built from whatever materials they could find.

With temperatures dropping, these pets are in danger once again - this time from life-threatening cold.

Your support can help provide secure outdoor kennels with heaters as well as medications for dogs in shelters throughout Ukraine.

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You Can Send The Gift of Warmth to a Pet in Ukraine

Pet-loving Ukrainians who remained after the invasion have been opening their homes and hearts to care for pets left behind. You can be a lifeline for those pets and their caretakers.

Anastasia of Happy Dog House in the Odesa region shared her story with us: "A few months before the start of the full-scale invasion, I tried to save 13 dogs. I tried to find a way to accommodate them somewhere and save their lives. In the midst of my search, I came across an abandoned house 200 km from the city of Odesa. This became the beginning of the Happy Dog House shelter's existence. We had to fix everything here, buy out this house, make repairs and aviaries. But in a couple of months, a full-scale war began, and instead of taking care of 13 dogs, we started working non-stop," says Anastasia.

Now there are more than 50 dogs in Anastasia's home, Happy Dog House.

Anastasia's story is similar to that of so many Ukrainians who have found themselves caring for dozens of pets and community animals left behind.  

With winter looming, the pets face life-threatening cold temperatures. By donating today, you can support our goal of raising $150,000 to provide kennels for about 75 shelters!

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