Our Integrated
to COVID-19

How GreaterGood.org is Helping People, Pets, and the Planet Right Now

From our nationwide #StayHomeAndFoster initiative that has connected potential fosters to homeless pets, to providing essential food relief to vulnerable communities affected by the coronavirus, the GreaterGood.org team has been working tirelessly to continue our mission of being there when it matters for people, pets, and the planet as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we all struggle with this unprecedented pandemic keeping us apart, it has created an unparalleled wave of giving that’s brought us together like never before.

Our Impact Together

Thanks to YOUR selfless donations during this pandemic, we have brought about impactful change in the age of coronavirus. So far, we have:

—Donated over $8.5 million in desperately needed pet food, medicine, and supplies to shelters, rescue organizations, and pet food banks in 45 states and Puerto Rico

—Donated Good Packs filled with hygiene items, snacks, and other helpful supplies for both veterans and others in need

—Through our #StayHomeAndFoster initiative, temporarily housed thousands of shelter pets across the country

—Donated over 13,000 meals to frontline healthcare workers and folks laid off as a result of the economic downturn

—Donated enough funding to keep the 3,000 animals in the care of Elephant Nature Park full and healthy after the pandemic ground tourism (the park’s primary source of income) to a complete halt.

How We Are Helping Our Furry Friends

Through the darkest of times, pets have always been there to comfort and distract us. With more people staying safe at home, shelters and rescues around the country are suffering. Adoptions are slowing down, more families are surrendering pets, and many shelters have been forced to close their doors — putting countless pets at risk of euthanasia. To combat this sheltering crisis, we launched #StayHomeAndFoster, a campaign dedicated to getting pets out of shelters and into homes. Notable foster parents include Henry Golding of Crazy Rich Asians fame.

Thanks to your generous support, we also continue to send much-needed food and supplies to shelters and rescues across the country. To date, we have shipped over 130 trucks full of essential supplies to communities in need. Families who are now finding themselves struggling to make ends meet don’t have to worry about being able to feed their pets, all thanks to you.

Check out where we’ve shipped supplies so far:

How We Are Helping People

With your steadfast support, we are working to protect, provide for, and encourage people during these trying times.

Our team is working with partners on the ground to provide much-needed food relief to communities heavily impacted by the pandemic, including workers on the frontlines and their families. Donations ensure thousands of Americans displaced or otherwise affected by the COVID-19 pandemic won’t go hungry.

We’re also working to help veterans and domestic violence organizations during this time, providing $100,000 worth of essential supplies. These supplies are crucial for living in a safe and healthy environment, especially given the current need for restrictions and cleanliness. Items included bed sheets, towels, washcloths, shower curtains, kitchen supplies, pajamas, socks, and shirts.

Though uncertain, it is clear that we are living through a historic event, and we understand the importance of coming together during this time, even though we are physically apart. In response, we launched Girls’ Voices at Home, to open up the therapeutic power of storytelling to all young women who are currently feeling isolated. We’re creating a supportive online community and encouraging girls to share their experiences, creating a video time capsule of this moment in history.

How We Are Helping the Planet

We’re not letting this pandemic get in the way of our mission to protect our planet. That is why we’ve partnered with organizations focusing on environmental engagement during this time.

Around the globe, zoos, rescues, and sanctuaries, like our partner Elephant Nature Park (ENP), have had to close their doors. Without revenue from visitors, ENP is struggling to feed its 3,000 animals. Thanks to our incredible supporters and a generous $50,000 match from the Abraham Foundation, we’ve provided enough food to keep all 3,000 animals in their care full and healthy.

We are also partnering with Nature’s Logic to help smaller community-based environmental groups in the U.S. who are exemplary voices for nature. The Nature’s Voices Awards will recognize organizations for their environmentally-friendly work and support their ongoing operations. Each community prize winner is then invited to apply for a larger national award. In this way, we can give back to the groups who are having the most impact on their communities and the world at large.