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Girls’ Voices supports young women to use media creation as a catalyst for positive change in communities around the world. Girls’ Voices provides targeted scholarship funding to support girls who face obstacles to their education. To date, 2,060 young women, ages 13-21, around the world have participated in Girls’ Voices and more than $210,000 in grants have been awarded to fund their education or to implement their community-driven project ideas. 

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Empowering the Next Generation

Girls’ Voices believes that every girl deserves an education, that every girl has a voice, and that those voices drive change. Change starts young, and it starts with you. As future community leaders, we provide media training resources for girls to share their stories and ideas for positive change. We share those stories, and award education and changemaker grants to help make those ideas a reality. See what Girls’ Voices scholars are sharing and prepare to be inspired!

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Our online community is full of resources, such as remote media courses, and holds a safe space for girls and women to interact. Go deeper with our material, and join a virtual community!

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Why Girls?

Every child deserves the right to a quality education, but more than 130 million girls worldwide are not in school due to barriers like forced child marriage, child labor, and stereotypical gender norms that keep them in the home. Investing in a girl’s education not only positively benefits her, but also her community, her country, and the world.

How It Works

We partner with grassroots organizations to sponsor and empower girls to tell their stories. With our guided curriculum, facilitators in each school teach girls the basics of cinematography and storytelling. Girls create and share their stories in supportive workshops with their peers, while gaining confidence in their skills and themselves. Then we showcase the stories online where inspired donors can help crowdfund her education.

Support Girls Everywhere

Make a donation to Girls' Voices and you'll help empower the next generation! Your donation will go towards scholarships, media and storytelling training, and maintaining our supportive online workshops and curriculum.

A Closer Look

Each component of the program is designed to instill confidence and teach new skills to girls.

Where We Work

Girls’ Voices is open to any girl, anywhere through our Girls’ Voices Movement platform. We also work closely with facilitators at grassroots organizations in 21 countries to lead guided workshops in schools and online through the Girls’ Voices Movement platform.

North & South America

We work with Puerta 18 Clubhouse in Argentina, Bonaire Youth Foundation in Bonaire, Clubhouse Network in Costa Rica, Maya Traditions in Guatemala, Organization for Youth Empowerment in Honduras, Instituto Joule in Brazil, Natividad Rodrigues Gonzalez High School in Puerto Rico, and dA Center of Arts and the Native American Advancement Foundation in the United States.

Asia & The Middle East

Partners include Shilpa Surya Foundation in Sri Lanka, Another Kind of Girl Collective in Jordan, Kosovalive's GlobalGirl Media in Kosovo, Voices of Women in Nepal, and Salt Lake City Prayasam and Christel House in India.


We work with Action Health Incorporated in Nigeria, iEARN Kenya and Akili Dada in Kenya, Ngora Girls School, PMM Girls School, and Pajule College in Uganda, and Positive Youth Development Organization in Cameroon.

Does your school want to participate in Girls' Voices?

We're always looking for new schools to join the program and teach our guided curriculum. Empower girls in your class by partnering with us.

Contact us to see if your school or organization qualifies to participate in Girls' Voices.

Join the Girls' Voices Movement

Girls’ Voices Movement is an online community where girls learn how to express themselves powerfully with digital media. 

This free resource is available for girls everywhere and teachers to share with girls aged 13 – 21. 

In Girls' Voices Movement, you can learn to create compelling digital stories, designed for creating safely at home – along with a supportive community of young women and professional women mentors!

"Girls” and “young women” includes girls, transgender, and gender non-conforming youth.

Through the power of storytelling, you can feel a closer bond across boundaries, shift perspectives, and offer hope in difficult times. You never know how your story may inspire others or shift their perspective

Please note: Girls will need internet and a smart phone, tablet, or computer to participate.

What You gain When You Join

Our free online community offers:

  • A safe environment for youth organizations, facilitated by Girls’ Voices staff
  • Photography & Videography Courses led by women photographers and filmmakers
  • Self-directed learning
  • A global community of young women leaders
  • Webinars to connect our girls from around the world and get feedback and insight from Girls’ Voices Alumni
  • Supportive feedback and a safe space to explore creativity and expression
  • Prompts lead to projects that can be submitted to Girls’ Voices contests
  • Designed for shelter-in-place creativity
  • Students earn bges after completing sessions, leading to a Girls’ Voices certificates
Partner with Girls' Voices

Partner with us to help make Girls’ Voices the largest girls’ empowerment media program in the world. By partnering with us, your company will be in the forefront of cause-related marketing. We provide you with outstanding photos, videos, stories, and suggested language perfect for your marketing needs. The sky’s the limit when we pair up!


The Klintworth Family Foundation believes in the power of storytelling and media to save lives. They provided the funding to start Girls’ Voices and have supported us each year to continue to grow our impact.

Through The Hunger Site and The Literacy Site, donors from around the globe can engage with and donate to support Girls' Voices scholars. GreaterGood also helps underwrite the Girls’ Voices for Change contest by providing a donation for every vote.

Does your school want to participate in Girls' Voices?

We're always looking for new schools to join the program and teach our guided curriculum. Empower girls in your class by partnering with us.

Contact us to see if your school or organization qualifies to participate in Girls' Voices.

Girl-Made Media From Around the World

Girls' Voices has been helping girls share their stories since 2016. Over 2,000 young women have participated in our program, learning the basics of visual storytelling and sharing their experiences with the world. Check out some of the inspiring stories our scholars have shared below!

Girls' Voices for Change

For the past 5 years, over 2000 Girls from more than 70 countries have shared their passionate voices through Girls’ Voices. They demonstrated how they are creating positive change in their community.  This year, they were all been invited back to share their change making ideas in the 5th Annual Girls' Voices for Change Contest. Girls from 18 countries shared their visons and are asked the big question: How do YOU want to be a change maker in your communities and the world?

We asked girls to submit video proposals and we were floored by the response! The winning girls received grant funding to bring their projects to life in their communities. Check out the winners below to see what the next generation of change makers is up to.

Girls' Voices Movement: COVID Diaries

Before COVID-19, Girls' Voices held video-storytelling workshops for girls around the globe. After COVID changed the world, we went digital and started our own online platform – Girls' Voices Movement. Our inaugural Girls' Voices Movement cohort jumped right in and shared their experiences living through an historic time in history.

See the world through their eyes:

Girls' Voices Video Challenge: Climate Action

The harmful effects of climate change are already upon us and worsening. There is time to act, but we must act now. The Brookings Institute states that investing in girls’ empowerment and education is one of the most effective ways we can combat global warming and reverse course. Young people are a part of the solution. For our Climate Action Contest, we asked girls:

There’s a chance to act now to avert the worst effects of climate change. Young people are leading the effort to push for innovative solutions. How are YOU using your voice to push for climate innovation in your family or your community?

Check out the winning projects and all the inspiring answers we received to this prompt:

Girls' Voices at Home: Spread Hope Challenge

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we called on girls around the world to spread hope. During our "Spread Hope" Challenge, we asked girls what keeps them hopeful during this difficult time, and we shared their messages with the world. Five winning girls received a $100 gift card each and a donation was made in their name to support our Girls' Voices scholars around the world.

View the winning messages of hope:

Dive Deeper with Girls' Voices

We've collected a lot of amazing stories over the years. Check out Greater Good Charities' Youtube channel to see more!

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