Greater Good Charities' Good Packs

A Growing Number of People, and Their Pets, Face Homelesness

A shortage of pet-friendly shelters means that individuals dedicated to remaining with their beloved pets are often are  forced  to  choose between  seeking shelter, or staying  with  their  animal companions. Every night, thousands of homeless people forgo shelter to preserve their bond with a cherished dog or other pet. Greater Good Charities’ Good Packs helps keep people and their pets together during the deepest moments of crisis, and ensures that the emotional support the human-animal bond provides can continue.

Maintaining the Human-Animal Bond in Times of Crisis

Greater Good Charities’ Good Packs provide essential supplies to homeless people, including veterans and victims of domestic violence. Each Good Pack is a self-support kit containing basic survival supplies for homeless—or imminently homeless—people and their pets.

Our Good Packs include basic items, such as a warm blanket, clothing, soap, a reusable water bottle, a toothbrush and toothpaste, dog food and treats, a dog toy, and a collapsible water/food dish. These basic supplies provide short-term relief, making positive long-term outcomes possible.

Greater Good Charities has distributed 3,000 Good Packs in five cities so far, helping people experiencing homelessness or living in transitional housing endure another day, so they can keep moving toward long-term solutions.

How Our Good Packs Help People and Their Pets

Just $5 provides a Good Pack to a homeless veteran and their pet.

We are only able to provide these supplies thanks to the support of our generous donors. Join us in helping people and pets in need!