Round Up Your Purchases

Every transaction you make on a credit card will round-up the change to the dollar to help people, pets, and the planet! Spend $4.50 on your cup of coffee? You could be rounding up 50 cents to help those in need. Give back with every purchase by setting up your account and connecting your bank account to begin rounding up.

Leave a Bequest

Include GGO in your final giving plans or trust. You can make a bequest of any size and direct the gift to support a specific program. Or keep it unrestricted to allow GGO to direct your gift to where it is most needed.

Donate By Stock

Work with us and your broker to donate the value of your stock to support our mission. Our donor engagement team will work directly with you to ensure your charitable gift is used to support programs in the cause area you care most about.

Donate a Special Event

Donate your birthday, wedding, anniversary, or another special day. Instead of asking for gifts, have your guests donate to a cause you care deeply about. We will work directly with you to create a custom fundraising page for you.

Donate Product

Make an in-kind donation of product to help offset our program costs. From food to medicine, we accept almost everything.

Donate Your Car

Have a vehicle you no longer need? You can donate the value of your car at auction through Donate-a-Car.

Don't Forget to Donate and Fundraise

Give towards our mission of helping people, pets, and the planet.
Or, get your friends involved by starting a fundraiser!