Our Planet Programs

Dedicated to protecting the planet

We direct three environmental Signature Programs and partner with over 30 charities for our Gifts That Give More™ programs all over the world. Together, we offer unique solutions to complex environmental issues.

Our Methodology

GreaterGood.org specializes in innovative projects that protect and revitalize vulnerable ecosystems, wildlife, and communities. Our projects fall into the broad categories of Sustainability and Community Resilience and Habitat and Wildlife Conservation. Whether funding clean cookstoves in Kenya, protecting rainforest in Madagascar or supporting veterans to save coral reefs, we address a range of issues critical for our planet.

Trees Planted
Orangutans Rescued and Treated
acres protected for jaguars in Mexico
acres of rainforest protected

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Madrean Discovery Expeditions

Documenting the biodiversity of the Sky Island mountain ranges in Sonora, Mexico


Protecting predator cats by working with ranchers in Sonora, Mexico

Project Peril

Protecting species on the brink of extinction

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