Align your brand with an organization that is changing the world

We further our mission of protecting people, pets, and the planet through a series of programs dedicated to each cause area. When you partner with, your company can support the cause area your brand aligns with most—whether that’s People, Pets, or the Planet.

A company of any size can support’s programs and be a part of something bigger. When you set up your partnership, you get to decide how much you give.

Ways You Can Partner With

1. Engage Your Customers

Partnering with is simple. Just pick the cause area you want to support, contact us to learn the ways you can help, and fundraise at your level and on your schedule.

2. Sponsor a Program

Our programs are able to help so many thanks to our partners and donors. Your company can be the next we thank for fully funding a project! You can completely fund a project at the level you want, starting from as little as $300.

Choose from:

1. Fund a Rescue Rebuild renovation

2. Fund the next Madrean Discovery Expedition

3. Fund a year of school for a girl

To learn more, contact our partnerships team and make sure to specify that you’d like to sponsor a project.

3. Engage Your Employees

Create an atmosphere of caring in your company by encouraging employees to donate and fundraise. Start a team fundraiser and give together.

Interested in becoming an Approved Partner?

Approved Partners commit to giving $20,000 or more to the cause area or program of their choice. When you’re an Approved Partner, our partnerships team will work with you closely to develop custom campaigns, fundraisers, or events that fit your needs.

The perks:

Access to cross-promotion through the world’s largest cause-related network, GreaterGood.

Permission to use our logo

Access to unique success stories and photos to feature on your site

One point of contact—our Director of Partnerships.