Our Signature Programs

Each of our Signature Programs has a unique purpose—from rebuilding animal shelters, to giving girls around the world access to education, to protecting habitats for endangered species. Browse each of our Signature Programs to learn about what we are doing to help in that cause area.

Rescue Rebuild

Hammers and Nails for Happy Tails

Rescue Rebuild is the largest animal shelter renovation program in the world.We travel to selected shelters to complete repairs and renovations to improve the life of shelter pets and increase adoption rates, using volunteers from all over the country. We’ve renovated over 120 shelters globally and clocked over 11 years worth of volunteer time.

Rescue Bank

Helping People Helping Animals

Rescue Bank is the largest pet food distribution and donation program in the world. To date, we’ve delivered over 275 million meals to shelters and rescues across the country. By serving groups that have limited resources, we free up funding that can be used to save more lives.

The Jackson Galaxy Project

Improving the Lives of Animals at Risk

The Jackson Galaxy Project (JGP) works to improve the lives of animals at risk and help the people who care for them. JGP initiatives include Cat Pawsitive, Safe Haven, and Operation Homeward Bound. These programs are dedicated to increasing chances of adoption for cats, building safe spaces for domestic violence victims to stay with their pets, and transporting pets to areas with increased chances of adoption.

Girls' Voices

With a Camera, a Girl Can Change the World

We partner with grassroots organizations in 14 countries (and growing!) to help girls fight for their right to education. Girls in each country face unique obstacles to getting an education, and we aim to highlight and eliminate those barriers by providing media training and scholarship funding.

Good Packs

Supplies for Homeless Veterans and Their Pets

A shortage of pet-friendly shelters means that individuals dedicated to remaining with their beloved pets are often are forced to choose between seeking shelter, or staying with their animal companions. Every night, thousands of homeless people forgo shelter to preserve their bond with a cherished dog or other pet. Greater Good Charities’ Good Packs helps keep people and their pets together during the deepest moments of crisis, and ensures that the emotional support the human-animal bond provides can continue.

Madrean Discovery Expeditions

Exploring, Studying, and Protecting the Madrean Archipelago

Madrean Discovery Expeditions is dedicated to exploring, studying, and protecting the Madrean Archipelago, a series of unique ecosystems that range from New Mexico and Arizona to Mexico. Throughout the year, groups of uniquely qualified and multinational participants come together to record the plants and animals of this incredible region, focusing on the vastly understudied region of Sonora, Mexico. This information is stored in an open-source database for the world to share, study, and use to preserve these ecosystems forever.

Project Wildcat

Protecting Endangered Predators in Northern Mexico

Project Wildcat works with ranchers in Sonora, Mexico to protect the majestic jaguar and other endangered species. In partnership with Primero Conservation and the local ranching community, Project Wildcat has established a 34,600-acre wildlife corridor in this critical region, allowing all predators (and prey) freedom to roam. In doing so, Project Wildcat is helping ranchers protect their land and keep jaguars safe.

Project Peril

Helping Save Wildlife Before They Go Extinct

Project Peril is committed to saving endangered species by supporting holistic and hands-on wildlife conservation efforts. Project Peril identifies priority species for conservation and rigorously evaluates wildlife conservation organizations working to save these species. Each species has a dedicated Wildlife Recovery Fund, which supports specific field programs of our Wildlife Recovery Partners.

Safe Ride to School

Elevating the Status of Rescue and Adoption

Millions of dirty, scared, and disoriented pets enter shelters each year – on intake, they have a picture taken. These photos taken are what people see when looking to adopt. A positive picture of a well-groomed pet means a better chance at adoption.

One Picture Saves a Life works to provide shelter staff and volunteers with the resources to successfully groom and photograph shelter pets, helping give them the second chance they deserve.