Ukraine crisis response

Ukraine crisis response

How Greater Good Charities is continuing to respond to the Ukraine crisis

Greater Good Charities (GGC) is mobilizing a response to help the people and pets fleeing their homes, and your support is serving as a beacon of hope.

As the war reaches its one-year mark since Russia's attacks, the UN estimates that over 13 million Ukrainians have fled their homes, many with pets. In our first phase of disaster response, Greater Good Charities provided much-needed cash assistance to humanitarian and animal welfare partners on the ground. We established warehouse distribution partners in Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Moldova and secured a GGC warehouse in Poland. Our team made incredible strides while on the ground in the first phase of our response and now, as we move into the next phase, we’re working with our core partners to provide long-term relief. 

The second phase of our disaster relief operational plan included the formation of a coalition with national pet food industry leaders to provide cash support, EU-certified pet food, and medicine, and the deployment of licensed veterinarians and supplies to animal welfare organizations and pet parents struggling from the devastation of Ukraine. We are now providing  long-term transportation assistance in Europe and secure container shipping for long-term use in the region. In addition, Good Home’s pet foster software has been activated for rescue groups in neighboring countries, including Romania, Poland, and Lithuania, to help provide temporary homes for displaced and shelter pets, especially where quarantine is necessary.

And now, in the third phase of our response and relief efforts, Greater Good Charities is procuring food and supplies in Europe and focusing on a long-term delivery network bringing humanitarian and animal relief and supplies to IDPs in Ukraine. GGC’s ground team continues to meet with local humanitarian and animal welfare partners. They will discuss long-term plans, evaluate the work, and assess the environment so we are best positioned to help Ukrainians on an ongoing basis. Daily trips will include visiting and/or volunteering at local food banks, a border crossing, a refugee center for women and children, and unloading pallets of pet food at animal shelters.

With so many families leaving everything behind with only the things they can carry, Greater Good Charities is providing aid where it's needed for as long as it's needed. Transparency is important to us, so we aim to update this page regularly with the latest development of our activities and how your donations are being put to use.

Pet (Owned & Homeless) Meals Provided
Meals Funded via Local Partners and Food Banks
Meals for Displaced Pets
Meals for Ukrainian Refugees


updates from the field

Where Greater Good Charities is Actively Helping



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Provide emergency relief for the people and pets who are suffering the devastating effects of the invasion in Ukraine. Every little bit helps.

What does Greater Good Charities consider an emergency?

Greater Good Charities knows that disasters can be short term or long term, natural or human-made. We pride ourselves on being There When It Matters® when disaster strikes. We define disasters as events where people or pets are in crisis and local services aren’t able to fully support the needs of those affected. We only respond to disasters where we have specific requests for a need we can fill.

How does Greater Good Charities prepare for an emergency?

Greater Good Charities’ disaster response team monitors global crises year-round. When we identify a disaster, we reach out to partners on the ground, including our thousands of partners around the globe. We maintain a disaster fund and caches of product around the U.S., which allows for us to provide immediate relief in the form of cash and product grants when possible. In the case of natural disasters, our programs are sometimes activated in advance to do things like fly pets out of harm’s way or move humanitarian and pet supplies in. When we respond to disaster, we take into account the longevity of the event, and make sure we reserve resources when needed.

Why does Greater Good Charities prefer cash over in-kind donations?

Cash donations are the most efficient way for organizations like Greater Good Charities to provide assistance to people and animals in need during emergency situations.


How Your Donations Are Helping:

  • Cash grants to vetted NGOs and partners operating on the ground to meet immediate needs for People and Pets
  • Deploying licensed veterinarians and technicians to support partners in Romania and Poland, as well as at the borders of neighboring countries to assess the medical needs of pets coming through.
  • Wildlife transport assistance out of Ukraine to neighboring countries
  • Long term transport assistance in Europe only
  • Warehouse and distribution networks in Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, and Moldova
  • Food, humanitarian products, veterinary medicine, pet food, and pet product procurement in Europe for immediate distribution into Ukraine and Europe
  • Container shipping for long term use of product scarcity in the region
  • Foster Software for placement of pets into homes from shelters, especially where quarantine is necessary - Good Home program
Grants awarded

To date, Greater Good Charities have now supported over 20 groups with emergency cash assistance serving the immediate needs of both People and Pets, working in Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, Moldova, and within Ukraine.

  • ADA Foundation
  • Asociatia Anim All Delta
  • Asociatia Sava's Safe Haven
  • Centaurus Foundation
  • CENTRAS - Centrul De Asistenta Pentru Organizatii Neguvernamentale
  • Clean Futures Fund
  • Federation of Polish Food Banks
  • Folkowisko Foundation
  • Fundacja Kooperacja
  • IFAW
  • International Polish Police Department
  • Kitchenette for Animals
  • Krakow Food Bank
  • Millions of Friends Association
  • Pet Project for Pets, Inc
  • Refugee Center - Rejowiec
  • Romania Animal Rescue
  • Rzeszow Food Bank
  • Sache Vet Clinic
  • Save the Dogs and other Animals
  • Siobhan's Trust
  • Soles4Souls
  • The Street Dog Coalition
  • Tiernothilfe Ukraine e.V
  • U-Hearts
  • Warriors of Wildlife
  • World Central Kitchen
  • Volunteer Group of Teachers
Make an Emergency Donation

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