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Rescue Dog Gets a New Lease on Life

Meet Addie, a very special pit with a new lease on life! When Addie arrived at Save-a-Bull Rescue, she was in bad shape. Her condition, immune-mediated polyarthritis, had lead to the deterioration of the carpal joints in her front legs. Addie was unable to walk, as it caused her pain. Instead, she crawled. Other dogs- and people, for that matter- might be discouraged by such a disability. But Addie remained a calm, sweet dog. With assistance from's Rescue Bank program, Save-a-Bull was able to provide Addie with the special care and equipment that she needed.

Shelter Cats Across the Country Are Learning to High Five to Increase Their Adoption Chances

A simple handshake can go a long way, and so can a high five. The Jackson Galaxy Project, a charitable program of started by the Cat Daddy himself, created the Cat Pawsitive program because it believes in the power of high fives. Cat Pawsitive is dedicated to encouraging and teaching shelters across the country to train their adoptable felines to master adorable tricks like how to give a high five or jump through a hoop.

Animal Shelters Across U.S. Teach Cats How to High Five

Why are photos and videos of cats high-fiving suddenly popping up on Facebook and Instagram? Ask Jackson Galaxy, host of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell.” Last year, Galaxy launched Cat Pawsitive, a program that encourages animal shelters to teach cats how to do tricks, like giving high-fives, to make them more attractive for adoption. Shelters across the country, including KC Pet Project, have been participating.

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