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Hear from the good friends we've made along the way. We would not be here without the help
and support from our corporate sponsors, partner organizations, volunteers, board members, and staff. 

WATCH: the WORLD OF DIFFERENCE you're making

Greater Good Charities is here to thank YOU for all the GOOD you made possible for people, pets, and the planet. We thank you for all of your support! 

Making a World of Difference

Greater Good Charities mobilized help for people, pets, and the planet in the last 15 years serving 121 countries. From funding the education of young women and leading biodiversity expeditions to flying thousands of at-risk pets to new homes and renovating domestic violence shelters, to spaying/neutering thousands of pets and responding to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ukraine crisis and catastrophic natural disasters -- YOU have made a WORLD of difference.

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message from our ceo

We invite you to take a trip down memory lane with our CEO, Liz Baker, and celebrate all the GOOD that we have made possible together. 

In honor of our 15th anniversary, hear from the good friends we've made along the way. We would not be here without the help
and support from our corporate sponsors, partner organizations, volunteers, board members, and staff. 


Throughout the month of September, Greater Good Charities will be celebrating how it amplifies the good in the world with on the ground activities. Watch this space and follow the celebration as we share live updates from the field as well as story highlights over #15YearsofGGC.

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Memories & Milestones

Scroll through this timeline and remember some of our big moments together over the last
15 years. This is just a small selection of our accomplishments. You can click the headline for entries with an image!

JAN 2007

15 Years with Greater Good Charities

In 2007, received its 501c3 status. The organization was created to help protect people, pets, and the planet. Our mission was accomplished by granting funds to partner nonprofit projects around the world. 

FEB 2007

Rescue Rebuild Begins

The first ever Rescue Rebuild renovation takes place in Clay County, WV.

JUL 2008

Rescue Bank's (Now GOODS)
First truck departs to Shelters in Need

Rescue Bank (now GOODS Program) ships its first truck full of nutritious pet food to help smaller rescue organizations in the Texas area to feed pets in their care. Over time, the program would become the GOODS Program, now the world’s largest charitable pet food donation program.

FEB 2009

First disaster response: Australian Bushfires

We award over $73,900 in grants to organizations on the ground to provide disaster relief for humans, pets, and wildlife.

JAN 2010

Celebrating $10 Million Given to Charity

Through this milestone, we make our first grants to the Cambodian Children's Fund.

JAN 2010 responds to 2010 haiti earthquake

haiti1One of the most devastating natural disasters in recent history, the 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. We award our partners on the ground $552,771 in grants to support relief efforts for both humans and animals.

MAR 2011 responds
to japan earthquake & tsunami

We award partners on the ground $127,372 in grants to support relief efforts for both animals and humans devastated by this disaster.

MAY 2011

Rescue Bank (Now GOODS) sends out first
truck as a national pet food donation network

With support from The Animal Rescue Site, Rescue Bank (now the GOODS Program) expands its network nationally. Since this time, we have delivered to all 50 states in the U.S., and internationally.

JUL 2012 celebrates
$25 Million Given to charity

This batch of grants includes the first to our long-time partner, National Autism Association.

FEB 2013

Our first program: one picture saves a life


We launch our first interally run program ‘One Picture Saves a Life’ in partnership with Seth Casteel of Underwater Dogs fame, to teach shelter staff and volunteers how to take great pictures to increase adoption success, with over 30 live workshops across the country. The program participants see adoption rates increase as much as 98%.


JUL 2013

New program, GROW (Girls' right to opportunity
worldwide), is launched

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 5.37.37 launches GROW, a program committed to removing barriers that prevent girls across the globe from attaining their right to quality education.

AUG 2013

Third program, Cats R Cool, is launched
with Jackson Galaxy launches Cats R Cool with Animal Planet’s Jackson Galaxy, designed to improve the image of cats nationally and to teach shelters best practices in cat care. Before long, Cats R Cool joins One Picture Saves a Life in dozens of in person trainings for shelter staff and volunteers across the country.

NOV 2013 responds
to typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

We award partners on the ground $98,898 in grants to support the people and animals affected by the devastation.

APR 2014

Rescue Rebuild Completes build #50

The build takes place at Animal Rescue New Orleans in New Orleans, LA.

JUN 2014 Celebrates
$50 Million given to charity

Stockings-OSOT-1Operation Support Our Troops - America begins using grants to ship care packages to U.S. troops overseas.

NOV 2014

Bryna Donnelly honored as
"shelter hero of the year"

brynheadshot-1-1Rescue Rebuild's own Bryna Donnelly was awarded the honor of Pedigree's Shelter Hero of the Year in 2014 for her work in animal rescue.

NOV 2014 and Rescue Bank merge

RB-GGO-Rev-CRescue Bank becomes a leading program of

APR 2015

Emergency animal medical case fundraising begins

We begin raising funds for specific shelter animal medical cases. Our first case was Ziggy from the San Diego Humane Society, who was in dire need of cataract removal. Our EAM program quickly raised over $2,000 for his procedure to improve his quality of life and chances of being adopted.

APR 2015 responds to nepal earthquake

To provide relief, we award $152,600 in grants to provide relief for those affected.

AUG 2015

First Madrean Discovery Expedition funded

Sierra Los Locos group-CHedgcock-7Aug19-1aThe Madrean Discovery Expedition takes place with Tom van Devender and team to inventory biodiversity in the Sonoran Sky Islands.

JAN 2016

Rescue Rebuild completes build #100

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 6.16.23 PMRescue Rebuild celebrates build number 100! The build takes place at the Humane Society of Sumter County in Florida.

APR 2016

We fly 33 lions rescued
from illegal circuses to safety fully funds a historic flight of 33 rescued circus lions from illegal circuses in South America to sanctuary in South Africa.

JUN 2016 celebrates
$100 Million given to charity

The African Wildlife Conservation Fund is one of many new partners to receive funding during this milestone.

JUL 2016

First annual national feed a rescue pet week

We launch our first annual National Feed a Rescue Pet Week and funded the delivery of over 4.5 million meals for rescue animals.

AUG 2016

Girls' Voices program is Launched

Girls Voices Movement launches Girls' Voices as an extension of GROW to raise funds for girls' secondary education through media made by girls.

OCT 2016 responds to hurricane Matthew

To provide relief in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, we award partners on the ground $90,200 in grants

NOV 2016

A shot at life reaches 100,000 Vaccines
donated to shelters

A Shot At Life, in partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim, donated vaccines to shelters across the country to stop preventative disease outbreaks.


Rescue Bank (Now GOODS)
reaches 200,000,000 meal milestone

Rescue Bank (now GOODS Program) has donated over 200,000,000 meals to shelter pets in need.

JAN 2017

Project Wildcat is Launched

IMAG0031-Panthera-onca-RCarricito-5_3-km-SE-Granados-9Dec15-1-768x576Project Wildcat forms a partnership between private landowners in Sonora, Mexico to establish a 31,704-acre wildlife corridor to protect the majestic jaguar.

MAR 2017

Book donations surpass 460,000 books provides books to children without access to reading materials, helping to foster literacy and access to education.

APR 2017

Project Peril Launches launches Project Peril, a program dedicated to the conservation of species identified as in peril, threatened, endangered, or close to extinction throughout the world.

AUG 2017

There when it matters™:
Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria conducts its largest disaster response effort to date, while our staff in Houston is directly impacted. Over the several weeks, we award over $8 million in cash and in-kind grants to support recovery efforts.

JAN 2018 Launches
The Madrean Discovery Scholarship program

The Madrean Discovery Scholarship program funds projects for students in Mexico who show a committed interest in biology and natural history and don’t have access or exposure to fieldwork.

APR 2018

First annual high-five day contest

KC-Stephen-and-Wesley-High5-BEST-ONE-1To celebrate the expansion of The Jackson Galaxy Project’s (JGP) life-saving Cat Pawsitive program, Greater Good Charities launches the first annual Cat Pawsitive National High-Five Day Shelter Contest.

JUN 2018

Emergency Animal Medical Case #200 funded

fluffy-at-homeFluffy was the 200th Animal Medical Case we funded. Our community of donors powered much-needed dental surgery, including a full mouth extraction, for Fluffy followed by antibiotics and pain medication/management!

AUG 2018

Madrean Discovery Expedition to

Isthmura-sierroccidentalis-JCRorabaugh-el-Represito-S-Mesa-Tres-Rios-Aug18-1a-1500x979Among the thousands of observations made, the expedition uncovered an incredibly rare salamander and brand-new species of small scorpion.

AUG 2018

Girls' Voices Expands program Girls’ Voices expands with 15 new partners from 10 different countries!

OCT 2018 Responds to Hurricane Florence sends food, medical supplies, and emergency cash grants to help those affected by Hurricane Florence.

SEPT 2019 launches
new program, Good Packs’s new Good Packs program provides backpacks full of supplies to help local veterans and their pets that are homeless and/or in danger of being homeless.

SEPT 2019 responds to hurricane dorian provides food and supply requests for disaster response teams on the ground.

MAR 2020

#StayHomeAndFoster launches #StayHomeAndFoster, a national effort to provide a solution to the countless at-risk pets due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

JUL 2020

Rescue Bank (Now GOODS)
reaches 4,000th truck and 400 million meal milestone

Rescue Bank (now GOODS Program) delivers its 4,000th truck to Houston, TX. The historic delivery also marks 400 million meals delivered for hungry pets in need.

SEPT 2020 becomes Greater Good Charities celebrates its 13-year anniversary with a $300 million granting milestone and a new brand identity: Greater Good Charities

OCT 2020

Greater Good Charities conducts historic
paws across the pacific flight

GT 2020 Foxy PXP Spotlight-2-thumbWe flew nearly 600 dogs and cats from 6 shelters on 5 Hawaiian islands to Seattle, WA, where they would quickly find homes in the Pacific Northwest.  This is the single largest pet airlift in history and leads to the launch of our Good Flights program!

DEC 2020

Feed Thy Neighbor Campaign

ggc-impactful-chris-pratt-4We host our Feed Thy Neighbor campaign with Chris Pratt and 12 Tomatoes to support hunger relief and provide 4,628,822 meals to people struggling to put food on their tables!

FEB 2021

Greater Good Charities Responds to Texas Deep Freeze

Sea-Turtle-Inc-Cold-Stun-Thank-You-Video-Thumbnail-Image-for-YTGreater Good Charities partners with multiple organizations to help people, pets, and wildlife — including stunned sea turtles. Food banks in the affected areas were helped through the Feed Thy Neighbor campaign 

APR 2021

Greater Good Charities
Launches new program, Good Flights

Meta-web-GoodFlightsGreater Good Charities launches new program, Good Flights, to transport at-risk pets to improve their chances of being adopted.

JUL 2021

Greater Good Charities
raises $28 million for covid relief

Man in American Flag Hat Holding Fluffy Dog 2_©LA Family Housing_Good Packs-2We proudly announce a massive milestone in our disaster release efforts — $28 million in COVID-19 disaster relief support worldwide.

JUL 2021

Greater Good Charities responds to dixie fires

Greater Good Charities works with partners on the ground to provide immediate aid to people and their pets affected by the devastating fire.

SEPT 2021

Greater Good Charities
launches new program, Good Fix

good-fixGreater Good Charities celebrates 14 years of amplifying the good with the launch of our 14th program, Good Fix, a high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter program.

OCT 2021

Rescue Bank (now GOODS)
hits 5K truck milestone

Greater Good Charities celebrates the delivery of the 5,000th truck of pet essentials to an animal shelter in Nashville!

DEC 2021

Greater Good Charities Launches Good Home

Meta-web-GoodHomeGreater Good Charities launches Good Home, our national pet fostering program designed to connect local animal shelters with potential foster volunteers.

DEC 2021

Greater Good Charities
responds to kentucky tornadoes

Greater Good Charities provides relief including sending our Good Packs, SOS pouches, and Pup Packs for survivors in the area.

MAR 2022

Greater Good Charities
responds to ukraine crisis

Ukraine FB Ads Photo © GGC V4Greater Good Charities mobilizes a response to help displaced people, refugees, and pets affected by the war in Ukraine. 

APR 2022

Greater Good Charities Launches GOODS Program

Meta-web-GOODSGreater Good Charities launches the GOODS Program (formerly Rescue Bank) to distribute food, essential supplies, clothing, housewares, toys, and more to pets and people during times of crisis. The program now helps people and pets globally with needed product donations.

MAY 2022

Greater Good Charities hires polish employee

As a part of our ongoing response to the Ukraine Crisis, Greater Good Charities hires permanent staffing in Poland to manage its programs.

SEPT 2022

Greater Good Charities
celebrates 15 years of amplifying the good

Greater Good Charities Celebrates 15 Years of Amplifying The Good with over $475 Million invested in its mission through cash grants, in-kind supplies, and programmatic support.


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The Greater Good Charities' community of donors extends far and wide across the globe.
We want to celebrate YOU wherever you are in the world. Thank you for amplifying the good with us this last 15 years!

Giving with confidence

Greater Good Charities has a Four-Star rating on Charity Navigator and a Platinum Seal on GuideStar for our dedication to transparency and real positive impact.

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