Adopt a Shelter Pet…..For All of Us

There are many reasons why a pet might end up at an animal shelter – they may be part of an unwanted litter. Their humans’ circumstances may have changed, leaving them no longer able to care for their beloved pet. They may simply have been born on the streets. Regardless of the reason, pets end up in shelters through no fault of their own! That’s why it’s up to all of us to make sure these animals have the best chance at happiness in a new home.  

Did you ever think about how many people are working for and cheering for every shelter pet along the way to their forever home? There’s a lot!  

In honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, here are just a few of them:

Shelter Workers

Shelter workers choose this line of work because they understand how important it is. Many shelter jobs stretch beyond the typical work week to evenings and weekends. These experts make sure the animals in their care are happy, healthy, and ready for adoption. Some even take part in Cat Pawsitive, an initiative of Greater Good Charities’ Jackson Galaxy Project, which teaches shelter staff methods for bringing out the best in the cats in their care.



No shelter or rescue can operate without volunteers, who selflessly give their time to help animals in need. Why do they do this? To help ensure as many animals as possible can have the best chance of finding a loving, safe home. Through Greater Good Charities’ Rescue Rebuild program, we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside many of these dedicated volunteers to make renovations to shelters across the country. And we’re here to tell you: volunteers are amazing! Volunteer with us for our next project by registering here! 



Shelters and rescues rely on the generosity of individual donors, corporate donors, and donors of in-kind supplies. Food, medical supplies, and veterinary care are the biggest costs for most animal shelters. Fortunately, there are many people and companies willing to give on an ongoing basis to help offset these tremendous expenses. Here at Greater Good Charities, we are fortunate to connect many of these individuals and companies with the shelters that need help most.  


Some parts of the U.S. have higher homeless animal populations than others. Greater Good Charities’ Good Flights program has transported thousands of homeless dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs to their forever homes in other parts of the country where shelters have more room and more local adopters. These transports take a lot of planning and care…by people who know this effort can make a big difference!   



People who foster animals play an important part of an adoptable pets’ journey. Foster homes give pets the opportunity to show their true personality and foster parents get to know the pets in their care so they can help the shelter find them the perfect home. Greater Good Charities’ Good Home program encourages would-be foster families to take part in this extremely impactful part of the adoption process.  


Yes, you! YOU are the end game for an adoptable pet looking for their forever home! Adopting from a shelter or rescue gives pets a second chance at happiness.  

Every pet is important and that is never more evident when you consider the number of people who worked hard to make sure your best friend made their way to you!