How You Can Support the Survivors of the December Tornadoes

On the evening of Friday, December 10th, many people’s worst nightmares came true as an unexpected tornado struck several states leaving everyone in its wake devastated. The tornadoes ripped through Arkansas, Kentucky, and crossed into Tennessee, Missouri, and Illinois affecting 227 miles, ranking as possibly the worst tornado in history. The rare December tornadoes flattened walls of commercial buildings and tore down trees and power lines. At least 74 lives were lost.

While the holiday season may be in full swing, many are experiencing incredible hardship due to this tornado. Thousands of people and pets are now without power, shelter, and possibly missing loved ones, during what should be the most wonderful time of the year. 

Thanks to our wonderful contributors, thus far, Greater Good Charities has already had the opportunity to donate, providing our Good Packs, SOS pouches, and Pup Packs, all including necessities for survivors. 


SOS Pouch on the way to those in-need! They contain items for disaster survivors such as flashlights, mylar blankets, battery packs, wipes and first aid kits!

Many animal shelters were devastated as well, and with people losing their homes and power, there has been a significant increase in owner-surrender of pets. To ease the strain on local shelters, we’re providing emergency cash grants for animal food, medications, and other necessities.

Our first shipment to the tornado survivors in Kentucky

While the full impact of the record-setting tornadoes are yet to be seen, because of our incredible donors, we have helped provide basic necessities in this time of need. However, there is still a lot of work to be done. 


As search and rescue efforts continue please consider donating to our efforts to support the tornado survivors.