How a One-Eyed Shelter Cat Became the Cadbury Bunny!

When Crash, a small orange tabby cat, was found on the side of the road, it was unclear if he was alive. Thankfully, he was rescued by the Executive Director of Simply Cats Adoption Center of Boise, Idaho, and taken straight into medical care.

Poor Crash was not microchipped, unneutered, and in terrible shape. He was involved in a car accident that left him with a broken jaw, fractured front left leg, and a damaged eye. In total, Crash underwent six surgeries to heal and staged a brave recovery, though the damage to his eye was irreparable.

Through his recovery, his quirky, friendly, and outgoing personality had everyone falling head over heels for him. He was quickly made Simply Cats' resident shelter feline, acting as their ambassador. During this same time, Simply Cats became a participant of Greater Good Charities’ very own Jackson Galaxy Project's Cat Pawsitive initiative!

Cat Pawsitive is a positive-reinforcement clicker training initiative that enriches day-to-day life for cats in shelters just like Crash, builds new skills for cats as well as shelter staff and volunteers, promotes the human-cat bond, and helps improve adoptability. With training through the program, Crash learned how to give the signature Cat Pawsitive high-five and was greeting customers in no time. And then he high-fived his way to stardom!

Crash’s shining personality not only made him a Cat Pawsitive pro, but the perfect winner of the 2023 Cadbury Bunny Tryouts! Crash is the first-ever cat to win the Cadbury Bunny contest, making him the brand’s official “spokesbunny” for the year. As the winner, Crash will star in the 2023 Cadbury “Clucking Bunny” commercial and be given a $10,000 prize that Simply Cats will use to continue treating rescue animals.

We are so proud of Crash and the staff at Simply Cats for showing the world the life-changing power of pawsitive reinforcement and training. Way to go Team Crash!

YOU can make a difference in the lives of cats like Crash. Support Greater Good Charities’ life-changing programs and initiatives like The Jackson Galaxy Project’s Cat Pawsitive today!