33 Circus Lions Have Arrived in South Africa

*This archived post was last updated in 2015


Lion at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary

WE DID IT!!! With YOUR help, all 33 lions got on the flight and arrived safely at the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa.

Nine of the lions traveled for four days in crates from Colombia where they were joined by the other 24 in Lima, Peru. After a 15-hour flight, they touched in Johannesburg, and it was another six-hour drive to the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary. Then the moment finally happened. The lions took their first steps onto African soil.

From years of living in circuses cages to this, it’s their first taste of freedom, the first time they feel the grass, the first time they rub against a tree, and the first time they roar purely for pleasure and not to entertain. The lions explored their new territory as they arrived shortly after dawn at their new home on the 12,000-acre Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in the north of South Africa, where they will live out their lives.



Lion In Transit

It’s because of YOU, our passionate community of donors, that the largest lion airlift was made possible. These lions will spend the rest of their lives in a private reserve, where they will be free to roam and take long naps under the African sun. GreaterGood is committed to the well-being and continued care of all 33 lions. We will keep you updated on any involvement opportunities in caring for these lions. From the bottom of our hearts, all of us at GreaterGood thank you for your incredible support.