Feed Thy Neighbor: How Your Support Help Feed America During COVID

With your generous support, Greater Good Charities partnered with several food relief organizations across the country to provide over 32.5 million meals to those in need through our Feed Thy Neighbor campaign

In 2020 roughly 45 million people experienced food insecurity in America (Feeding America). At the pandemic's peak, the need for food assistance and the amount of food insecure individuals and families, surged to levels not seen since the Great Depression. Food banks reported an increase of 60% in the number of people seeking food assistance, with 40% seeking support for the very first time. 

Due to this growing food insecurity need, Greater Good Charities partnered with 12 Tomatoes and Chris Pratt to launch  Feed Thy Neighbor. The Feed Thy Neighbor campaign helped fund food banks and hunger relief organizations with generous donations from donors like you.

Check out exactly how your contributions made a difference in the video below:


Half of all cash donations awarded to Feeding America provided funding for their work of delivering needed meals to food banks around the country, while the other half went to granting cash awards to hunger relief organizations serving areas hardest hit by Covid and food insecurity.

In total, your incredibly generous donations provided over 32,424,400  meals to people in need across America! 


How Organizations Used Your Feed Thy Neighbor Donations 

Below is a snapshot of the organizations across the country that received grants from the Feed Thy Neighbor campaign. These organizations are incredibly thankful for your support as Covid greatly decreased their amount of partner organizations and volunteers. We can't thank you enough for your support!


Since receiving Feed Thy Neighbor grants, food banks provided meals to families, the elderly, frontline medical workers, people experiencing homelessness, the unemployed, and those suffering during the pandemic in general. Many of these organizations found that mobile distribution sites and drive-thru food pick up events were helpful and could feed hundreds of people daily. People who sought out help from these orgs. received bags of groceries with healthy food, received boxes of shelf-stable food, or selected food from an array of donated items. 


Kokomo Rescue Mission’s Drive-Thru Food Pantry 

Photo © Kokomo Rescue Mission

These organizations also put their donations to use towards their general operating costs and maintenance expenses, such as staffing, truck leasing, equipment leasing, fuel, and supplies. For example, the Tri-City Free Breakfast Program purchased and installed new refrigeration units.


Marilynn’s Story from Second Harvest Food Bank of New Orleans and Greater Acadian

This past year has been incredibly difficult for everyone, but for those suffering the most, we are here to help. Marilynn from Louisiana never thought she would be in the position she was in during the pandemic.

On top of the pandemic, three devastating hurricanes hit Louisiana, one right after the other. Marilynn, a registered nurse, did not hesitate to work during the pandemic, but did not know how doing so would change her life forever.

After her shift on New Year’s Eve, “Marilynn contracted COVID-19 and unknowingly infected her husband of 41 years with the virus. Tragically, her husband passed away after a long battle with the virus. Due to this devastating loss and the financial toll from medical bills, Marilynn had little time to grieve before needing to seek out help. ‘This is not where I thought I would see myself’. Like many others, Marilynn never imagined she would need the assistance of a food bank. ‘I was leery at first to get help and waited a little while before seeking help’. Marilyn is grateful for everyone who has donated to Second Harvest.”


Photo © Jay Vise 

Thank you to 12 Tomatoes, Chris Pratt, those who donated to Feed Thy Neighbor, and the organizations involved in our campaign. While the hunger crisis is still a real challenge we face today,  the amount of meals provided through Feed Thy Neighbor is an incredible feat and worth celebrating!

Let’s continue to help those who need it most, because no person should go hungry.