Follow Up on Dorian Response


Over a month after Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas as a powerful Category 5 Hurricane, triggering massive flooding that left entire neighborhoods underwater,’s disaster response team has continued to support teams on the ground responding to food and supply requests. Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to award hundreds of thousands in cash and in-kind grants.

Here are a few happy stories we’ve received from the organizations you’ve helped:

Bahamas Alliance for Animal Rights and Kindness (Baark!)

To date, Baark! and its partners have rescued 289 animals from Abaco. Of those 289 animals:
– 74 have been reunited with their owners
– 75 have been re-homed to new owners in the Bahamas, Canada, and the USA
– 77 are being held in quarantine at selected and specialized US shelters awaiting adoption once the quarantine period is over

Autumn, Summer, and Bella with Baark volunteers.

Autumn, Summer, and Bella were rescued from the same home in Abaco; their owners were unable to evacuate with them, the owners themselves having to swim for safety with their small children. The three dogs survived and were picked up and brought to Nassau on charter planes arranged by Baark ! Autumn went to the tent shelter, and Summer and Bella went to the Bahamas Humane Society. The owner contacted Baark! requesting help to find her dogs, and the team was able to match the three animals to the owner’s descriptions. The owner was obviously overjoyed! Currently, the three dogs are in one foster home awaiting the arrival of their owner.

All Hands and Hearts

After the destructive power of Hurricane Dorian and the extent of damage caused, much of the Bahamian Islands were evacuated. The funds granted will help rebuild and repair St. Francis De Sales school and Every Child Counts School. With the repair of schools and clinics, All Hands and Hearts is confident they’ll help larger groups of people return to The Bahamas with a renewed sense of hope and determination.

Volunteers looking through the damage in the schools.

World Central Kitchen

So far, World Central Kitchen has served 1 million meals to survivors of Hurricane Dorian.

During their efforts, the WCK team have met some incredible individuals, like Haji, Alexander, and Annie. As their house was being destroyed, Alexander pulled them all into a cabinet to keep them safe, and rigged up sofas to cover them “like an armadillo shell.” They were offered a place on a plane to Nassau but gave it up to people who needed it more. Currently, they’re living in their car, but remain positive.

Haji, Alexander, and Annie with their dog, Misty.

While the work continues, we’re happy to be part of the recovery efforts and will keep you updated with all the success stories your donations help create!


Your donation makes it possible for us to better prepare and respond quickly when disaster strikes.