How Does One Rock Attract Dozens of Species?


The Madrean Sky Islands are one of the most biologically rich areas on earth. Located less than 100 miles south of the border between the US and Mexico, this mountain range is teeming with life – yet it is largely unstudied. In order to accurately conserve the Sky Islands, we must know what is there.

Greater Good Charities' Madrean Discovery Expeditions program brings scientists together to document the flora and fauna of sites throughout the Sonoran Sky Islands range. Wildlife cameras play an essential role in this research by allowing our scientists to observe wildlife without disturbing it, so we can collect data on the location, population and behavior of species – many of whom are threatened.


In this video, you will see a certain rock receiving a lot of attention from a wide array of native species (and even a cow!). Our scientists added a special ingredient to get wildlife to stop there…mountain lion urine! The pheromones in the urine attract the attention of everyone passing by, including other mountain lions. Their curiosity makes sure we get a nice long look at them to easily identify species and even individual animals who have made an appearance more than once. How many different species can you spot?