One Community’s Pet Food Hero


Kevin McDonough is an animal control officer in Troy, NY, and a true advocate for the animals in his jurisdiction. When responding to noise or nuisance complaints, he always works first with pet owners to identify resources they may need for responsible pet ownership. His boots-on-the-ground, heart-to-heart approach has opened the door for many pet owners to new pet care resources, like donated pet food. He helps them keep their pets in loving homes instead of surrendering them to local shelters due to financial barriers.

One of the most important services Kevin provides is the distribution of pet food to pet owners in need. Your donations allow us to help Kevin fill his truck with food, which goes directly to pets in his community!

McDonough with a van full of food
McDonough with a van full of food!

You Make it Possible

THANK YOU for making these food grants possible. As the world navigates the implications of COVID-19, our communities need additional support in caring for pets. Whenever possible, we want to help pet owners keep their pets in loving homes instead of surrendering them to shelters due to financial hardship. Sometimes the difference between keeping and surrendering a pet is as simple as a few bags of dog food during hard times. Thank you for helping us ensure that pets always have access to high-quality food, no matter their owner’s financial difficulties!