Saving Mamas and their Babies


By Czarina Nafarrate – Content & Program Coordinator

In animal shelters, pregnant dogs and cats, and moms with their babies have the most difficult time getting adopted and are often at risk for being put down. provides grants to partners all over the country to place nursing moms and growing puppies and kittens in foster homes that are trained to understand the unique needs of their Maternity Ward residents and work as adoption counselors to help find loving forever homes, like Galaxia!

Galaxia approached a volunteer at Michigan Cat Rescue in a parking lot one night and then led her to her four babies, who were sleeping in a pile of trash in an alley. So she brought the family in, cared for momma and kitties, and when they were ready to part ways, Galaxia found her forever home!

Another one of our partners in Arizona (the state with the highest euthanasia rate in open intake shelters in the country) have over 75 return foster homes specifically for mamas and babies during spring and summer.

The rescue provides everything, and the fosters love the program so much that they sign up year after year. To help the program, the local movie theater runs a PSA on screen for each adoptable pet between each show.

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