Supporting Kansas City Pet Project’s Coronavirus Response


GreaterGood Charities partners with Kansas City Pet Project (KCPP), which provides municipal animal sheltering services, including intake of animals and owner surrender needs, for a population of nearly 500,000 in the city of Kansas City, Missouri.

When the coronavirus pandemic first hit, KCPP worked as fast as possible to get pets into foster homes, but they often ran out of collars and other supplies. Thanks to your donations, we sent these collars, leashes,  and other much-needed supplies to KCPP and its foster network, so foster parents like Ronda didn’t have to worry anymore.


Bottles for Babies

Ronda is a seasoned foster for puppies in need of urgent care. She is an expert in bottle feeding, dedicated to transforming young puppies into healthy, adoptable pets ready for loving families.

kansas city pet project puppy bottle feeding coronavirus response
Getting strong and healthy!

Of course, bottle feeding puppies isn’t always easy. Sometimes they have digestive issues causing them to struggle to gain weight. Ronda took in a litter whose mom was terribly sick, and the puppies had many stomach issues. KCPP’s canine foster care manager suggested goat’s milk formula as an alternative to cow’s milk formula. This helped them maintain their digestive health and comfort, so Ronda started using it all the time. She rarely sees any issues now, and the puppies eat well and gain weight. It was a game-changer!


Now, Ronda won’t use anything else, and when the shelter doesn’t have goat’s milk formula, she’ll even buy it herself. But thanks to your gifts, KCPP was able to provide Ronda with a generous supply of goat’s milk formula.

kansas city pet project drive thru pet clinic coronavirus response

With their first drive-thru community pet clinic, KCPP shares supplies with pet owners struggling due to the current financial crisis. Product donations help KCPP reduce expenses, and even provide the support they’ve never been able to give before! This would not be possible without YOU!

Your support is vital for animal shelters during COVID-19.