“Thank You” from a Young Breast Cancer Patient


In Sierra Leone, breast cancer is the leading cause of death for women. With only 1 mammogram machine in the entire country, the cost for preventative screening is almost equivalent to the yearly salary for most households. Because of this, most women are not diagnosed until the late stages of cancer.

Help women in Sierra Leone detect breast cancer early

In fact, there are no cancer treatment centers or oncologists in Sierra Leone, so it is necessary to travel to Ghana or overseas to receive chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment. Obviously most households are unable to afford these costs. So after diagnosis, many women are left to succumb to the disease.

Together GreaterGood and Develop Africa are working to change this by supporting the Thinking Pink Breast Cancer Foundation in Sierra Leone. They help fund mammograms for earlier detection, as well as life-saving treatment after a diagnosis.

In the following video, we hear from Kadija, a young woman that is benefiting from the partnership and is currently receiving breast cancer treatment in Ghana. It is great to see that this campaign is truly making a difference.



There are many more women in Sierra Leone like Kadija that need support. Unfortunately, they have very little knowledge about breast cancer or the importance of early detection. The disease could be detected at an earlier stage by educating women about self-breast exams and informing them to seek medical help if they notice unusual signs or symptoms.

By giving a Gift That Gives More™, you can provide these women access to this imperative information. You could even provide funding for a life-saving mammogram! Please click here to help women in Sierra Leone detect breast cancer early.