Thanks to You, Former Bait Dog Is Safe Now


Blossom before 🙁

Blossom was a victim of dog fighting or used as a bait dog. She had severe trauma to the left side of her head; her ear was all but gone, her jaw shattered, and her tiny body was starving to death when A Chance to Bloom rescue found her. It took 140 sutures to help her ear area. She still requires a total hip replacement.

Blossom after!!!

Today Blossom is thriving, and she will receive her new hips in soon. She will then become Canine Good Citizen certified so she can meet with children at schools about bullying and overcoming it!
Thanks to high-quality pet food donated by’s Rescue Bank, dogs like Blossom can receive the medical care they need, as funding budgeted for food can be shifted to other areas.

“’s Rescue Bank has been a wonderful asset to our rescue. They provide great support and products to help our Bloomers!” – A Chance to Bloom


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