Zane & Storm Reporting for Duty


Zane and Storm are K9 Special Operations Team members on a mission to punish the enemies of decency this year. But to do that, they needed to gear up!

Thanks to YOUR donations, Greater Good Charities' partner, Spike’s K9 Fund, was able to provide protective vests for Zane and Storm with this grant.

These purchases give each handler more confidence for their deployment, knowing their partners will have the best gear to carry out each mission. This will, in turn, keep each handler and team member safer throughout their deployment and give them a greater chance of returning home safe.

K9 Zane has been working with his team for 2 years now and this will be his 2nd deployment to Afghanistan. On his previous deployment, Zane found multiple stockpiles of HME and weapons and assisted in a broad range of missions. This time around, he will work primarily in explosives detection and assault/interdiction.

K9 Storm is new to the team and this summer will be his first deployment overseas. He was born in Holland, but he is a true American warrior now. He is currently in pre-deployment train-up with his handler. He will work primarily in explosives detection and assault/interdiction, as well.

This gear will allow the K9s to be more effective at their job, while also keeping them safe when repelling from buildings and helicopters.