Freeing the Ocean of Single-Use Plastics


Every second, humans use 160,000 plastic bags. Every minute, humans buy one MILLION single-use water bottles. Every single load of laundry releases more than 700,000 synthetic microfibers into our waterways. All this plastic is crowding our ocean, polluting our water resources, and harming millions of marine species.

Greater Good Charities is ready to tackle this crisis! With the help of Free the Ocean and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, we’re committing to remove a pound of plastic from the ocean and coastlines for every dollar YOU donate.

How You Can Help

Unless you don’t have access to clean tap water, there’s no reason to continue buying single-use water bottles! They’re the third most common item found in ocean debris. Even recycling these bottles does not eliminate the problem, it just delays it.

Grab yourself a reusable water bottle that matches your lifestyle and take it everywhere you go! Saves you money and saves the fish!

The truth is that only about one out of 200 plastic bags are recycled. Help reduce that number by using a reusable bag. Some stores even provide discounts to those who bring their own bags! One less bag used by a customer means one less bag the store has to buy meaning one less bag in our environment.

Using reusable straws, sandwich bags, and coffee mugs are additional small changes with big results.

Kick Single-Use Plastic to the Curb. How are you reducing your plastic footprint? Share with us on Instagram or Facebook!