How We're Saving the Wild Dog with Saving the Survivors

This year’s Earth Day is all about restoring our Earth. One way to do that is to protect and sustain the diversity of our planet's various ecosystems. Our ecosystems are dependent on plant and animal species to maintain life. Once an animal becomes endangered it means that the ecosystem is starting to fail. With each species lost, it triggers other species within the same ecosystem to suffer.

Greater Good Charities’ signature program Project Peril is committed to protecting endangered species around the world through holistic and hands-on wildlife conservation efforts. Donors like you allow Greater Good Charities to partner with Saving the Survivors to help them with their Wild Dog Range Expansion Project. The wild dog is, sadly, one of the world’s most endangered mammals. Therefore, this project focuses on creating a safe space for the wild dogs to live and mate. This year, your donations helped the Wild Dog Range Expansion Project relocate four wild dogs from Sabie Game Park in Mozambique to Zinave National Park in Mozambique. By relocating these four dogs, it allowed the creation of a new pack in a safer environment. Relocating these animals in order to start a new pack was a vital step towards a large ecosystem restoration effort.

Your generous donations helped Project Peril and Saving the Survivors buy and fit each wild dog with a tracking collar so they can observe and ensure the animals are integrating into their new environment. In 2019, the first wild pack of dogs was introduced to their new ecosystem. Within the first year, the pack successfully bred puppies! With your continued support, the Wild Dog Range Expansion Project will now focus on reintroducing female dogs into new packs in hope that they'll continue breeding in a safe environment.

wild dog conservation
Photo © Saving the Survivors

Regrowing and restoring the population of endangered animals such as the wild dog will help maintain the balance in our ecosystems and keep our planet happy. 

Support the efforts of Greater Good Charities’ Project Peril to restore our Earth by helping to fund other projects like these. 

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