Skout’s Honor Helps Feed Pets in Need During Montana Flooding

One of the biggest expenses for an animal welfare organization is quality food to nourish the pets in their care and Skout’s Honor, a leading pet specialty brand, in partnership with Greater Good Charities, has donated more than 15 million nutritious meals for pets in need through its Skout’s Paw Pledge Program.

Together with their customers, Skout’s Honor provides a day’s worth of food to an adoptable pet in need with every product sold through The Skout’s Paw Pledge Program.

Sometimes the impact of these donations extends beyond the shelter setting into the community. This was the case in June 2023 when Livingston, Montana and surrounding areas in Southwestern Montana were hit by an unexpected 100-year flooding of the Yellowstone River, which destroyed many homes and businesses.

“The town was devastated, and the feeling was palpable,” explains a representative of Stafford Animal Shelter. Upon receiving the shipment from Greater Good Charities of pet food and supplies, the shelter team was able to load up the one van they did not lose to the flood, and provide the food donations, along with Good Packs of comfort supplies, to members of community.


Removing some of the worry about feeding their pets was a welcome relief to many community members. “This shipment was a bright light in a very dark time for our area,” the representative explained. By having food and supplies to hand out to those impacted by the flood, the shelter staff was able to interact with the community, better understand their needs, and reconnect with shelter alumni, like Lulu.

Lulu is a senior boxer and a Stafford Animal Shelter alumni dog who was recovering from surgery when the town was hit by the flood. Lulu’s mom’s business was destroyed, and her worry was evident. But connecting with the shelter staff and receiving the donations of pet food and supplies gave Lulu’s mom hope. “It made her day to have a little extra help.”

Thanks to Skout’s Honor customers, Greater Good Charities was able to support Stafford Animal Shelter and help them take care of the pets in their shelter - and their community – when they needed it most.