Maximize Your Impact: A Guide to Smart Giving

Harness the power of philanthropy while optimizing your financial strategy.

Make the most of your giving to Greater Good Charities for people, pets, and the planet. 
This guide will help you navigate various giving options to maximize your contributions to amplify the good and for your personal tax benefits. 

Donor-Advised Funds


A donor-advised fund is your own charitable savings account. You contribute as frequently as you like and recommend grants to nonprofits like ours, all while potentially earning immediate tax benefits. 

Stock Gifts

Photo © Oro Whitley | B.E.A.R

Donating appreciated stocks can provide substantial support to our cause, potentially help you avoid capital gains taxes, and claim a tax deduction based on the full market value of your stocks.

Qualified Charitable Distributions

A qualified charitable distribution transfers funds from your IRA to a nonprofit. It counts towards your required minimum distributions for the year without treating the distribution as taxable income.

Cryptocurrency Gifts

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Cryptocurrency donations are a tax-efficient way to give. By donating cryptocurrency, you potentially avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation and can deduct the asset's fair market value.

Other Ways to Give

Whilecash and check donations are most immediate, there are additional ways you can donate to Greater Good Charities to maximize your gift. 

Giving strategically makes a positive impact while maximizing your tax benefits.

Please note this is not legal or financial advice. You should consult with your tax advisor or financial professional before making a decision about Smart Giving. Your philanthropy is deeply personal and unique, and we want to ensure you are fully informed about your giving options.