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On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, attacking civilians and perpetrating large-scale destruction. According to the United Nations, millions of people will remain internally displaced in Ukraine in 2024, with 5.9 million refugees forecasted across the region. 

Since the conflict began, Greater Good Charities has forged relationships with local humanitarian organizations to supply aid to people in need. By March 2022, we were on the ground funding relief efforts and directly supporting communities. We also established a permanent presence on the ground with Polish staff to distribute critical relief supplies within Ukraine.

Unfortunately, relief donations
have declined around the globe. But the war continues, and the need persists. That is why we are asking for your support today as we enter year three of our efforts. 

What We Have Accomplished

  • 11 million meals for people in need. 
  • 1.6 million relief kit distributions that included food, warm blankets, and hygiene supplies. 
  • 31.6 million pet meals to families, animal shelters, and homeless animals.

Stories of Amplifying the Good

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January 30, 2024

story-05-horizontalPhoto © Oro Whitley

Life in the Conflict Zone: A Mother’s Story from Chernihiv, Ukraine
February 23, 2024

The Need Persists

Bombing and air attacks continue in Ukraine, and the need for aid is urgent.

Please send aid today so Greater Good Charities can continue this life-saving work.