California Flooding: Responding to Urgent Needs of Vulnerable Communities

After historic storms drenched Southern California communities, Greater Good Charities mobilized our Disaster Response Team to assess the most urgent needs and deliver assistance.

Partnering with Los Angeles Family Housing, the team recognized right away that the torrential rain, resulting in massive flooding and landslides, would be life-threatening for the estimated 75,000 people experiencing homelessness in the Los Angeles area. The team took action immediately, securing critical supplies to help this vulnerable population in the ways they needed it most.  

Chrissy is one such resident who grabbed her possessions when the rain continued to fall and moved her tent to higher ground. Most people living in her tent community fled as water rose over bridges and throughout the park, washing away their belongings.

VS-Photograph_20240207_DRD_LosAngeles_Flood_001_©GlennMarzano copyPhoto © Glenn Marzano

With rain pouring down, it becomes impossible to keep dry, and the bad weather conditions increase the risk of illness or even death. Many people experiencing homelessness seek out secluded spots to set up camp. That typically means along dry riverbeds, under bridges, and in tunnels — all areas heavily impacted during storms like these.

VS-Photograph_20240207_DRD_LosAngeles_Flood_002_©GlennMarzano copyPhoto © Glenn Marzano

Our Disaster Response Team brought a grateful Chrissy boots and essentials to keep dry. 

As the team moved through the tent community, they came across Maria, shivering and huddled in a blanket. She had a sleeping bag, but it was wet and could not keep her warm.

Maria's situation was all too common as the team delivered necessities like sleeping bags, sleeping mats, tents, tarps, socks, underwear, food, hygiene items, and other essential supplies to help keep those impacted by the storms dry, safe, and warm.

VS-Photograph_20240207_DRD_LosAngeles_Flood_005_©GlennMarzano (1) copyPhoto © Glenn Marzano

"This on-the-ground assistance is critical," explains Barry Hurst, a Mental Health Specialist for Los Angeles Family Housing. "Even if a vulnerable person can find safe shelter in these storms, many are afraid or unable to reach out for help due to lack of resources, such as access to a phone, mental health issues, or not wanting to leave their community, pets, or possessions for fear of losing the little they have left.”   

VS-Photograph_20240207_DRD_LosAngeles_Flood_008_©GlennMarzano copyPhoto © Glenn Marzano

While the storms have subsided, the ongoing needs of the community remain. Greater Good Charities continues to deliver aid, including essential supplies and pet food.  

We Need Your Help

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